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  1. gimax69

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    This will be the first time i will be be ESTA Certified, can anyone give me any techniques in trying to memorize this. i would appreciate any feedback
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    I would sing it all as a song and record it. Then listen to it over and over again.
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  3. LongTimeComing

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    I'd need to find my ESTA packet to remember what I used to remember it. But I can't remember where I put it...But whatever method I used...worked really well.

    407's is a pretty good suggestion. Think about how many songs you can sing word for word that are waayy longer than ESTA.

    Learn all the main topics in order first....then go back and learn the bullet points within each topic. Don't move on from "topic 1" until you can do all of it. Then learn "topic 2" and everything within it. Don't move on until you can put 1 and 2 together. Then do 3. etc etc. It's a grind, but by the time you get done with it you should have it down pat.