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    just found this site and really enjoy it! i was a driver at FedEx Express for 3yrs jumped ship to UPS. i have been loading/sorting in twi for last 6 months waiting to go full time driver and looks like its not far away, going to be doing Saturday driving (class next week) and maybe full time soon, so they tell me (who knows) anyways just wanted to say hi :lol:
  2. What's the (real) reason you're jumping ship from FDX to UPS? Something must have happened for you to want to start at the bottom again.
  3. Hello??

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    You should have never left there. Give it time you will see.
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    He's come to infiltrate the secret of EDD/PAS
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    Just curious...What was it that made you want to leave after 3 years? That's a pretty good investment of your time...
  6. scratch

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    Perhaps he left to make $5.00 an hour more, with overtime and all raises, 25-30K a year difference and union job security? Over at Fedexaminer.com, they gripe about everything like we do here!:wink:
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    Maybe he came for the pension.........

  8. MR_Vengeance

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    welcome to hell, your life will suck. maybe then you'll realize that all the BS is the same nomatter where you go.
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    now he will really have to work!!! I remember the strike and fedex and airborne drivers begging us to get an early settlement claiming they have never worked so hard and long before.
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    bottom line you make more $$ at UPS, to top out with FDX at i believe in my hub it was like 20.50 and it takes YEARS! there are guys who have been with FDX like 10 years & only making around 16 bux an hour. and there were a couple other reasons but you are going to find that at any job. between one of my best friends driving and talking to other UPS drivers i knew what i was getting my self into. and being in my early 20s i figured i should do this now while i don't have many bills and can start at the bottom loading trucks vs. staying, being like late 30s and maybe being topped out? if i never did switch i would of never known and would be a regret later on.

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    welcome to UPS, I hope things go well for you. I have heard of UPS employees going to fed-ex and really liking it more than ups for various reason. Driving is no joke and they expect you to be supermen and women on the routes with sometime unrealistic expectations. Soooooooo, having said that "look deep for you leap" into a fulltime driving job. Look very deep so you want get strapped into keeping a job you hate just for a few bucks more an hour. We have junky no power steering trucks, very old ones. You could be on a route with one doing residentials with tight turns. Be a cover driver first. That way you really see the "ins and outs" of the job before really commiting yourself to it. As a cover driver you are still part-time and can go back to your inside job, that is if your building is crying for drivers and try to keep you driving. In closing I wish you the best and dont just look at the money you could make.
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    Enjoy getting worked into the ground, but at least you don't have to route every PUP through your tracker and printer :wink:. You'll miss the key-less freightliners, not being able to load your own truck, and 90% of your stops not being lighter than 5 lbs :sad:. And no DADS units! YAY!

    FX pay scale is freakin' slow. To top out you have to have exceptional performance on your check rides for about 10 years. If you're in it for the money only, UPS is it. But I miss the FX corporate culture; your supervisor has his/her own office, you're given a lot of power to do things right, non-unionized shop (more co-operation), FX won't work a truck more than 250 000kms, you're busy but you're not breaking your back lifting every package, the cheap shipping (FXing letters to friends was teh win), and the cheap car rentals! oh and how could you not miss INSIDE THE EX? Those were great internal news shows!
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    But comeon, Do you work at a place for "inside the ex?" or to support your family. I know fedex drivers who bitch about their backs. Not every ups sup is evil. Its nice to know I can make a good wage to support my family on with a stable job. You all can say what you want, this is a stable job. Your attitude and also the union backing you. I dont see fedex with that?Money is the first thing people look at when they work, unless your a teacher....get real. As time goes on fedex will loose all the feel good perks someone posted earlier. Does anyone care to talk about the 2 hour unpaid "lunches" that fedex enjoyes. Yes im fedex bashing, but dont have to listen to me. Go to fedexexaminer or theres another site that all there is are fedup fedex employees....cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    i Would'nt Let People Know You Are An Ex- Fedex Driver, Somebody Might Crap In Your Lunchbox..
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    and the day that happens, you know you're a lot better than the lackey who went to that trouble not because of the merit of your character but because of your choice in past employer.

    you're always going to have disgruntled employees. always. even in places with strong corporate culture like fedex. while 90% are happy with what they got (respectful managers, fair workload, fair wage, good place to go every morning), there's always 10% that don't see that way because of their attitude.

    and not everyone is in a job for the money. i know this sounds jaw-dropping, but it's true. you have people with well-to-do spouses, stay at home parents, students, self employed, etcetc. where i'm at now, as a uni student, i'd rather be in a place where i look forward to working at every night rather than a high paying job. funny thing is, fedex's cargo handlers starting wage is the amount us UPS package handlers cap out at...

    oh and i miss SONAR on the gas-trucks. replacing those melodic things with backup cameras.....
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    I know what PAS and EDD are and I would STILL like to know the secret.:crying:
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    That's classified!!!!!!!!!!