Will ups let you go after peak if you are hire as a full time driver


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I will be leaving a full time job to go to ups.
Now i hear that your probation is paused during peak.
Are they just going to use Me during peak then let Me go even if i am good and have no major issues?
This would be terrible to leave a full time job to be used then let go.
I applied to full time combination driver
i did not see anything that mentioned seasonal position.
That makes reality more painful.

eats packages

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Can't keep 12 off the street, without having 84 job openings, and 72 new inside hires.
speaking from personal experience if demand from inside is low they might be able to disqualify those handful of folks off-peak like march-august which effectively exhausts the list and allows them to bypass the ratio for peak. I don't think it's tinfoil logic. They really want those outside hires it seems, especially cdl holders. One less PT to train and worry about, etc.


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I was 42 when I started at the Big Brown Meat Grinder. IF they keep you after peak ( which is a HUGE “if”), do what you have to do to make book, then drop anchor. Know your limits and look out for yourself because no one else will. I’ve made it 10 years so far using this plan.