Extended Area routes to run only 3 days per week?


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I am posting on here because I have never heard of UPS servicing an area only 3 days/week.

Have any of you ever heard of any Extended Area, limited UPS service anywhere?

I am in NorCal, & I would have imagine than the rural states would have a lot of high mile, lower stop count routes.

If I don’t do EAMs, it would be 10.25 average paid, about .75 overallowed with 72-77 stops, 90-145 pieces over 165 miles. Aren’t there many rural routes like this?! Do these routes get run everyday?
This has been happening for over a year - it is now in tens of thousands of zip codes. The shipper pays a premiI’m to ship to a residential rural zip code. UPS then delivers the package later and complains about the cost.


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In my case, the very bumpy roads appear to have had a severely detrimental effect on my lower back, so I should move on before this gets worse.

It is soul crushing to me because I got along with the customers and their dogs so famously. This is very, very sad for me! Who has ever heard of losing hundreds of dear friends at once?!

I had told the customers that I would be around until I retired, but I was making promises that my lower back couldn’t keep.


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I thought about getting permission to work only three 11.5 hour shifts per week. This is 39.75 paid hrs of straight time, so just about what an inside employee makes.

However, this is still 60% of the previous pounding on my lower back, so it is a non-starter.



I don't disagree with you there. But I understand the old timers not wanting to play that game anymore also. I don't know about your center but where I came from getting everyone on board will probably never happen
You and the old timers have been institutionalized exactly what ups whole plan is. It must be working


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In the majestic Local 104 we get first choice for the day off if our route gets cut rural deferred included some guys are stoked on this deal. Retirement route becomes every other day or once in a while when I feel like it and sometimes I’ll just stay home anyway route.


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Yah I wasn't around UPS at that time but guys were telling me you'd do evens one day, and odds the next type situation?
Remote was initially set up so a rural driver could take a handful of stops from one area of their route and sheet it as "remote". Then after a day or two 5 stops could be 12 or so to make it make more sense to going into an area with more stops. Problem was management became the arbiter of what to remote to help them dispatch easier and take the decision making away from the driver. There were times I was instructed to remote 30 stops in city neighborhoods because I was over dispatched.

Hi all. So my bid route is way out in the country & mountains. My daily routine is: I do EAMs for about 13 miles, then about 73-78 stops on my route for another 165 miles. My average day is just over 11.0 paid, and my overallowed averages about 1.0 hour over.

Corporate has said that they are only going to run my route Tues., Thurs. & Fri., presumably because UPS is paying about $550 in labor plus $100 in gas to deliver 1-2 EAMs and then the 90-145 pkgs that might come in for my route that day.
Dude. You should maybe file 9.5 and ask for 8 hour requests until you want to retire. Or if you want the OT go into feeders. This place is a piece of :censored2: and will work you till you're cripple if you allow it.