Family accuses FedEx driver of killing dog after throwing package

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    Family accuses FedEx driver of killing dog after throwing package- WDTN

    A couple in California is blaming a FedEx driver for the death of their dog.

    They say the tiny Yorkie was crushed by a large package that was tossed over the fence.

    One look at Cooper, and you can see why she was the center of Mitchell Galin’s and Keiko Napier’s world.

    They’re blaming a FedEx delivery person for the loss of their four pound Yorkie.
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    I'll probably go to hell but I laughed.
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    Maybe they shouldn't order such heavy stuff .
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    It's Trumps fault.
    If the damn economy wasn't so good, they wouldn't be able to buy those heavy packages.
    !&%^@^ Trump.
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    It was probably the Prime guy!!
  7. Here is some actual footage from the homeowners camera.TYlus7VAr9c4M.gif
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    “They need to say they’re going to institute a corporate-wide mandate that drivers cannot throw packages. That’s what I want to hear,” said Napier.

    I’m sure they wouldn’t have too much of a problem saying that????
    Also not sure why they would consider that a win?
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    Would any of us be surprised if a week prior this person filed a complaint because the driver left their bunk beads too far away from their door and their “Venice courtyard”

    Don’t see why any driver would do this and it is a terrible story, but still?
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    yip yip yip yip ip ip ip p p p----------------silence
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    There is already a corporate mandate to not throw packages at Express.
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    There is one with all X branches. That was the point of the post.
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