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    What's the problem with having a blood related hourly employee and a supervisor working in the same center? So if the supervisor was NOT blood related to the hourly and you have two hourly's related to each other in the same center, what happens to the hourly's? They get to stay working in the same center? I do know however if it's a hourly & sup family issue the sup or hourly must relocate or switch to another shift. I still don't understand why this is.
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    Sup + hourly relation = Possible favoritism in assignments, evaluations, discipline, etc.

    Hourly + hourly relation = Hourlies can't affect each other like that so it doesn't matter.
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  3. Number24

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    Last year we had a PT sup/PT loader brother/sister at our hub. PT sup wound up not working (fired is the rumor), no idea what happened to loader (not there anymore anyways) but management seemed to have no issues with it. Same building/sort.
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    FT sup in my hub has a son working in another hub 40 miles away as an unloader.

    No conflict of interest. No favoritism. The kid has a right to work for UPS.

    The FT sup comes up to me and says his son unloaded the feeder that went to that hub that I loaded here. Says the walls were solid.
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    We had a sup who had a sibling work for them and tried to hide it from the other sorters. Well when you look exactly alike that isn't going to fly. That person lost whatever little respect they had left with the employees and FT took them off the sort and put them in the office because it turned into a crap show.

    As soon as a new sup took over guess what the sibling did? Quit. Couldn't just do the easy jobs anymore.