FDX buyout



Noticed a big hit on fdx after the close when their early retirement and voluntary severence plan was announced.


Haven't really looked at UPS or FDX prices but this move is rather interesting. I know FDX Ground is a force to be taken very serious and is a real potential threat but there is also IMO another angle not discussed much.

The question begs to be asked of what % of FDX's ground volume is volume cannibalized from it's own Air Express? Also UPS has also cut into this arena and made big gains and the profit per piece is much greater in the air arena than the ground. I know the party line at UPS is to hype the FDX Ground threat as a means to qwell internal union potential and yes each of us Teamsters should think long and hard about that threat because it is very real but I also believe there is another side of this story that is yet to really play out and UPS is heading in a direction not clearly seen but over time positions us to really kick some serious butt! I've got a gut feeling Global Synchronization is a whole lot more than we realize and FDX ain't going there at least not like we are.