What was it like when Jim Casey died


Sorry, but I don’t care anymore.
I did throw out a lot more than I saved. We used to get an incredible amount of junk.
I still have a big ass pen I got for my 10th anniversary at UPS. Thing must weigh half a pound

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Lower seniority drivers like @MECH-II missed out on really really cool stuff like this.
We also had a shindig at a Stadium near a hub. Static Displays,Food, and Brainwashing.
All we get now is a crappy printout in an ugly green box. I got a dumb hero’s pin during Covid and it didn’t even have the clasp on the back of it. Fell off. I usually don’t go to the PCMs so my green boxes sit in the office until someone remembers to give it to me. I just throw it in the trash on the way out the door.


I noticed most of you guys have been in UPS before the dinosaurs went extinct and some of you even retired before I was even born. So you guys are the best to ask, what was it like in UPS when Jim died?

Sometimes I will read some old fliers from the early 2000s from desks that have been abandoned in this office for years talking about the legacy of Jim and how he was a hero amongst heroes.

Do you guys really think he was really that great of a founder? if you were around when he died, how did everyone react? was it like kim jong il dying in North Korea where everyone mourned for a week straight? (Just not at gunpoin
I was a PT Sup in the Atlanta Hub at the time and remember my FT Sort Mgr telling us he had passed away - he was actually kind of sad about it. I might have heard of Jim Casey but hadn't at that time been steeped in the whole Founders culture thing so I didn't realize his significance to UPS until a while after that.

With regard to Founders Day - as of now all my trinkets/memorabilia is long gone. I'm a curmudgeon.


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what was it like in UPS when Jim died?
I don't know, but want to speculate the loaders or sups didn't walk on customers' packages when moving through a package car, and they cared for customers more as a whole, and likely treated employees with respect instead of looking at them assuming we all steal time and manipulate the system. Not the ethical humans we are who come to work in a manner to keep our job so we can provide a lifestyle for our families. Instead they treat us like new inmates at a detention center looking for anything to give us a suspension or some type of dirt on our record.

I don't think they (mgmt) treat their friends, family, and neighbors the same. Guilty before innocent. Not all mgmt is that way, but it's a short list.