What was it like when Jim Casey died


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Who remembers the founders day gift , early 90's. We got a miniature pine tree about a foot long in a box
Dont have that one anymore. @MECH-II cut it down.
I believe the plate was my first founders day gift.


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He died in 1983, so there has to be a couple Boomers here that remember his passing.

I remember after the strike, they even had a little package car attached to a plaque that they gave us because we were gone on strike during founders day.
Did you ever get the little metal token from one of the planes that they scrapped??? Not like it was anything outstanding, but just a nice little thing that was different… those days are over. If I remember correctly, that little package car on the plaque was wrapped up in a cool little box. And then I remember the Olympic booklet that they sent out for the Olympics….i remember getting that in the mail and thinking at the time that they spent some $$$ on each of these…I don’t think I even have any of this stuff anymore .