Fed-ex dives into the biggest day

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by Returntosender, Dec 10, 2012.

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  2. Mr. 7

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    We had a pretty normal looking day.
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    Isn't today the big shipping day with tomorrow through Thursday receiving all that freight?
  4. SmithBarney

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    I'm pretty sure most of the reporting is referring to Ground, we've already been told that peak pickup day is the 17th at express
  5. There isn't a doubt in my mind .. my most packages ever .. for the 2nd time this peak!
  6. HomeDelivery

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    my heavier day was the past Sat, but due to the snow on the mid-west, we're expecting our volume to spike in the next 2 days

    have a safe peak!
  7. Notice the reporting occurs only when the sort has ended. lol wonder why?
  8. Brownslave688

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    Who counts the busiest day as packages picked up. Weirdos. Lol jk
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    Gotta tell you, Ground Service is great. You guys are doing a great job.
  10. LTFedExer

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    I've heard the 17th is the last day to ship without paying 'extra'. They must be talking about Ground, because if my calculations are correct......XS shipped Wednesday means Monday delivery.
    You haven't seen the Ground packages sitting at a stop for 3-4 days waiting to be picked up....have you?
  11. A reason this could be happening is that someone is shipping something out, but instead of calling the pickup in for a scheduled pickup, they are just waiting for the next time they receive a Ground delivery? Happens on my route sometimes.


    Well, did Fedex broke the record of 19m packages on Monday as expected? Are the final numbers in?
  13. Mr. 7

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    Who cares?
    Are you gonna make any more or, less money b'c of it?
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    lol So they won't see us throwing the boxes in and stepping on them.


    Actually Mr.7, I do. I enjoy and savour every time the over-paid, inept and clueless Engineering department screw up with their deep and well thought projections. Get it? ;)
  17. Mr. 7

    Mr. 7 The monkey on the left.

    I share your feelings on our Engineers. Here's what I was saying at the sta. last night re. whether or not, I'd have to come it today..."Whatever they say will happen, count on the opposite happening"


    Yeap, thats always the case at our sta too.