Federal Judge Has His Way

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by brown_bones, Nov 19, 2003.

  1. brown_bones

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    Seems likes a Federal Judge has made a ruling that hits home for most of us...Found out tonight that if you are in the Central States Fund you will not be retiring as soon as you thought that you might.....More to come tomm when we get the Fax.....Looks like we may have to work till 62 to get a rather decent package....Anybody else heard anything on this??
  2. speeddemon

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    Thats fine, they can just pay for me for the rest of my life when I get permanantly disabled.........say..........around age 50 then.
  3. proups

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    speeddemon: you are on the CHSP committee and you plan to be permanently disabled at 50??????????
  4. muncher

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    Why is 62 a unfair age to retire? my grandfather worked as a bus driver in New york tuill 65!
  5. tieguy

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    because your retirement fund has mismanaged your retirement money. Many upsers not in the central states plan are retiring at age 50 and no later than 55.
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    lets see... at age 62 i'll haveee......44 years of combined service! not bad huh?
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    brown bones,
    What's the details as to this ruling by a Federal Judge? What? When? Where? etc. Got any links to news articles, etc.? It's tomorrow now so do you have anything more. Are you referring to the case brought by the labor attorney in Detriot? I thought that case was dismissed and if so what was said in the dismissal order by the judge?

    You may be factual in your post but in fairness to the rest of us we don't know you from Adam's housecat. Until you post some data to support the claim I have to view your post as very suspect. Although it would fit a pattern we've been seeing too. The ruling about retirement at 62 that is.
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    for one thing being a bus driver is a world apart from jumping on and off a truck all day!!! second if I want to retire at 57 I should be able to, esp with 30 yrs of service. I put this all on the union
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    The lawsuit is interesting to read, which was dated April 8, 2003. Decisions in the case can be found at the Northern District of Illinois web site. Once on the search page, select Judge Conlon from the drop-down menu, enter 1010 in the case no box and perform the search. Four results should appear. In the first phase, the judge threw out one charge in the lawsuit and let the case proceed. The second and third results were the plaintiffs failed attempts to certify the case as a class-action suit. The last ruling on October 17, 2003, is the adverse decision against the plaintiffs. The plaintiffs, I believe have appealed this ruling to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. I haven't found any information to date on how the appeal is going. I believe the plaintiffs think they have a better chance on appeal. There is a related case the Seventh Circuit ruled on, which is of interest to this case. It is known as Heinz, which was decided on September 13, 2002. It appears Central States' position is that a pension is not supposed to be supplemental income, while one works another job. This position was probably developed as a result of an eroding net asset base. In addition to the interesting stories in the TDU lawsuit above, an upset retiree has his own public story to tell about Central States.
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    Do you really think UPS is interested in seeing 60 to 62 year old men and women getting in and off that truck. I am sure for me that they would have to recognize age in determining whether or not I was making standards.
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    Didn't find where judge said the age 62 deal but did find where judge said employers must contribute more to Central States in order to resolve the current crisis.

    This is JMO on the matter but from the way I see it Freight for years may have gotten sweetheart deals as far as contributions are concerned making UPS carry the weight so to speak. Now that Freight's retirees have enjoyed retirements compliments of UPS and all the hard work of UPS Teamsters its time for freight to pony up the $$$$ to resolve this. There were lots of folks in 97' who laughed with glee when we walked out but I'll bet their not laughing now. The company has every right at this point to sit back and ring their hands with delight but something just tells me they are not. You can bet UPS doesn't want 65 and 70 year old package car drivers, feeder drivers, sorters and automotive and PE mechanics.
  12. speeddemon

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    Muncher, theres a BIG difference between driving a bus, and what we do for a living.
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    Munchkin has been waiting 22 years for that "bus driving job"