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    I started working at fedex last week and I am just curious about working my way up the ladder at this company. Unfortunately, I guess UPS is better to work for if you want a career? If thats true, then I may switch to UPS when the oppurtunity arises, but for now Im at FedEx.

    So I know that home delivery drives are contracted and they seem to be ripped off alot from what ive heard, but do they still make a decent living? How old do you have to be, etc..

    I'm at ground btw, if i stick with this job for a while what other oppurtunities will present itself for a chance to make this a career.

    ...or is a decent career with Fedex just too hard to come by?

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    I would go to UPS as soon as possible no career at Ground what so ever. Its just a job. Unless you like below industry pay and qualifying for government assistance. Unfortunatley Contractors want UPS quality work however they are not willing to pay a livable wage.
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    damn, well the UPS near me isnt hiring, but when they are I'll check em out
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    Just go to find your area, nonever know just do it.
  6. MrFedEx

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    Head for UPS or some other reputable employer as fast as you can.
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    You are asking questions about a Fedex job on a ups website. Of course you will get replies like this. Just do your own research and make the decision yourself. It's common for disgruntled Fedex workers to vent on a ups site.
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    So why are you here? If he's looking for a job with a future can you really recommend FedEx? If he can get on Express part-time it's not a bad job to supplement his income. That's about as good as it'll get anymore.
  9. MrFedEx

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    I fully agree. PT is not bad if you are going to school or have another job. There are lot of non-disgruntled FedEx employees who will tell you the same thing. If you want a driving career, I'd definitely choose UPS over FedEx. If you're only looking for a transitional job, FedEx might not be such a bad deal short-term.
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    seems like he's a GROUND driver already... so it's just a salary or by the package for you? (probably both)

    it's a dead end job here at ground; home delivery is a bit easier than ground, less volume but more running around to residentials than ground~ i've done both b2b ground (80% business) & HD (10% business)

    & I like the bit of freedom of HD since you don't have to be risking your license as much to rush to those pickups/dropoff times by closing time...

    you can go as a temp driver for UPS during next peak to see if you can get a head-start on the driving position (and possibly skip the long waiting time to climb up from being a package handler for 5 years...)

    one temp driver i spoke with last peak said that UPS even pays better for temps vs fedex, but since both takes so friggin' long to do the background checks, he went with the first company that called him in... after peak, he went back to UPS as a temp driver to do bulk stops
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    If you don't mind making $8.50/hr for the next 5 years, that would be a great place to start.
  12. UnsurePost

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    Not really much diff than FedEx, except at UPS you have a shot at a 30/hr delivery job after 2-7 years. UPS PT wage is like 13/hr after 5 years.
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    And at FedEx Express, in my location, you can start at $16.08 as a PT courier....and you don't have to wait 2-7 years to do so. Of course the argument is that if you can make FT at UPS in under 15-20 years you can make $30+/hr, and you would be around $20-$25 at Express. So do you want to make more over then next 10-15 years, or wait 10-20 years hoping to make FT and make more then?
  14. Mr Fedex

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    starting pay where im at is $17.88
  15. UnsurePost

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    Here, starting pay for a PT air "courier" is 13.50/hr, and after two years you are at 24/hr.

    Not a comparison - FedEx not even on the same planet, cannot compare.

    IF you understood our contract you would see how far away FedEx is from UPS in terms of compensation and other employment perks. Of course the FedEx web of lies spun to make hourlies believe in the system is probably a tangled one to escape.
  16. packageguy

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    Your 100% right, you know what going to say. But it's not easy here, but pay is very good
  17. FedEx2000

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    So which is it? $13 after 5 years or $24 after 2 years? Pretty big difference there.
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    And let's also account for benefits at UPS vs. FedEx Ground.

    You get the lowest and worst health benefits that cover NOTHING. One of my co-workers went to the dentist and he owed $75, without his dental plan it'd be the same price!

    At UPS get the best health insurance you could ever get. A co-worker of mine when I worked at UPS had a son with MS and he told me that without the UPS health insurance plan it would have cost him over $200,000 in medical bills. Instead his monthly dues covered it all.

    Also you get more vacation time at UPS vs. FedEx Ground.

    You get a pension plan at UPS vs. nothing at FedEx Ground.

    You get a guarantee of 3.5 hours of work at UPS vs. none at FedEx Ground.

    You have rights on the job at UPS vs. none at FedEx Ground.

    You have guaranteed yearly pay raises at UPS vs. hitting the lifetime wage limit of 13.50 at FedEx Ground.
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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    PT wage for an employee who stays in the hub will be about $15 after 5 years. If that same PT employee becomes an air driver he will be up to $24 after 2 years.
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    oops, i thought he was a GROUND driver, but maybe he's a package handler... why it's now starting to get confusing on this thread...

    OP are you talking about being a driver
    just working in the warehouse/terminal only?