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  1. theslowdownracerlol

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    Ok, I got hired threw a sub contractor for line haul of fedex ground in April 2015. I think I had 2 speeding tickets prior to hire date, one with a commercial and one not. I got a speeding ticket of 13 over in oct 2015. None of the 3 was 15 over. Funny thing is that the ticket was paid Here's the funny thing I know if you have 3 moving violations within 3 years your disqualified. I'm working on trying to get them expunged off my mvr. But anyway the ticket was issued in oct, paid in January (before court). They waited till Feb 17 to disquailfy me? Would I have any legal action and possibly get my job back?
  2. It will be fine

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    No. You got DQ'd when they ran your MVR. Why do you keep speeding if you're a professional driver?
  3. theslowdownracerlol

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    I am professional. Just because I have speeding tickets doesn't mean anything but slow down. Which I have. But if it's too late oh well. Just trying to focus on getting them off my mvr.
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    You don't want to work for this company anyways. Clear your record, go to driving school and go work for a reputable company. This country is in need of CDL drivers. GL
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    How far did ya throw him?
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    It's too late. Should've learned from your first two tickets.
  7. theslowdownracerlol

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    That's what I was leaning towards anyway. Nearly half the contractors pay either :censored2:, or they pay good with hardly any benefits. I'm not even 30 yet. Been driving for 4 years. So I found me something steady for now. But ultimate go is to go ltl. But probably won't be fedex. Hahaha
  8. theslowdownracerlol

    theslowdownracerlol New Member

    You very well may be right. But it's not gonna stop my motivation to get me a better opportunity.
  9. theslowdownracerlol

    theslowdownracerlol New Member

    Apparently not far enough hahaha