Fedex Express Courier Driver Requirments

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  1. fedex123

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    Do you have to have a CDL of any class or have any endorsements to be a courier at Fedex Express? Im referring to driving a Sprinter, W700, or W900 trucks. If so what class CDL or what endorsements will be needed? Thanks
  2. Operational needs

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    No for a Sprinter or a 700. Not sure about a 900. If you are a cover or swing driver you need a CDL with Class C (haz mat) endorsement.
  3. overflowed

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    no for all trucks. Most new swings dont even require a haz endorsement anymore.
  4. musicfrk2002

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    Depends on your state licensing requirements, based on the vehicle's GVWR...

    I know in Illinois you need a Class C license to operate a w900, but all the smaller trucks are just a regular passenger license
  5. SmithBarney

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    Apparently just a Pulse now is the only requirement...

    Otherwise a regular DL is all you need.(cept as mentioned some states may vary)
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    Don't be alarmed when they place a mirror under your nose. Just part of the vetting process.
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    here it's a pulse, a DL, and pass DOT physical
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    I'm not even sure how some of these guys pass DOT physicals, most of the old timers are hobbling around with bad knees, high blood pressure, and diabetes... just to name a few ailments I've seen. We have 3 crrs that each tip the scales at over 300lbs... not to say they can't do the job, but it's not a healthy 300lbs