Fedex work load???


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I usually average about 175 stops with 400 or so pieces... and10 pickups with an average of 25 packages on the "training" route i'm still running a year later... but anyways the other day I made a comment to the fedex driver, (ground) I believe if he would be interested in trading trucks for a day as I was hauling in a good sized load on my hand cart... he kinda snapped at me and told me he has 160 stops, 550 pieces and has to load his own truck at 5:30am and unload his pickups when he gets back... I see 4 different other fedex drivers along my route during the day and I have'nt actually spoken with them, but I have seen the back of their trucks and they are pretty much empty inside...

I have always heard that yes we (ups) get paid more, BUT we also get a lot more work...

So I'm wondering what your thoughts are on this fed ex guy... is he being very "colorful" in the description of his work load or do they actually work harder than us too on top of not getting bennies and the pay?


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I know the express station I'm starting at, all of the drivers are generally
off at 6pm(with the occassional straggler) start at 7:30am ish loading
your own truck.

I also had spoken with a Ground contractor who needed a driver, his
route(due to be split soon) was running about 120 stops 100 miles and
he was out till 7pm everynight, but also starts in the morning loading
around 5:30.

Most ground guys I know cover alot of ground, but they don't have the
intensity/volume of UPS, we had 2 fedex ground drivers come to our
center(when I was with UPS) and they had a little shell shock when they
hopped into a bricked out P1000...


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It's not the same for all divisions of Fedex, but at Home Delivery we don't even come close to 400 pieces/day on a truck. FX Ground handles a lot more volume than HD, so the driver you spoke to probably wasn't exaggerating.

Most of our contractors (at Home Delivery) average 100-150 stops depending on the delivery area, and most stops are 1 or 2 pieces, with the occassional 10+ piece stop. We do cover A LOT more ground than UPS though. My route is 250 miles a day, in 8 towns. I can handle 95 stops, but I have to run and drive like the wind to be home by 7:00. And yes, contractors do start at around 6:00am to load their own trucks!


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Ground guy here...most ive done was 140 stops and 1100 pieces in a day. We also have to scan every barcode on our pickups which is total bs. Kills ya time wise.

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When I worked at RPS (AKA "FedEx ground") I was on the noonday shift but since I was a shifter I had different start times but usually would clock in around 10:30am and clock out between 5:00pm and 5:15pm and I never saw any of the package drivers come in before that time. I Remember one week when I was on vacation at UPS I stayed over at RPS all week until 6 and one day 6:45 and still no drivers had returned. I figured that even the local drivers would be in by then and the ones that had to drive to other towns would start rolling in later but that wasn't the case.


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Comparing UPS workloads with FedEx workloads is just apples and oranges. I assume your drivers do all the same things that our Express, Ground, and Home Delivery drivers do independently. While there is some crossover, Express goes out with a little lighter freight and is all time oriented. Not to mention that they are employees like UPS. Ground takes most of the bulk business deliveries and pickups. In the metro areas they could have huge loads, but there are some drivers who go up to 400 miles with only about 40-50 stops. There's nothing easier than Home Delivery. While we do load our own trucks like Ground, we rarely have to deal with customers. Less than 10% of what we deliver requires a signature so over 90% of what we do is drop-n-dash. We'll get the occasional business, mostly it's clothes that a secretarty ordered so we don't have to go through the usual loading dock nightmare. We can often just pull up to the main entrance and drop something off with the receptionist. Anyway, we are still spread out pretty good compared to UPS. I think my delivery area has at least 5-6 UPS drivers, possibly twice that. I do about 130 stops a day with about 130 miles. We have a couple of drivers who do about half the miles with the same number of stops. We also have 3-4 routes that do between 300 and 400 miles with 50-90 stops. Some of the towns we hit on the outskirts of our area have their own UPS terminals, so they aren't covering near the area that we are out of a given terminal.


FedEX Chick, my RPS route used to be 350 miles a day, covering two major towns, and a whole bunch of burgs in the Mark Twain National Forest. I ran through an area covered by 3 diffferent UPS terminals.

Used to hold the unofficial mileage record of 438 miles in one day, since the days of Home Delivery, probably they have surpassed it.

Was there 5 years, when I sold my P-400 (the best small stepvan RPS ever had), it had 302,000 miles on it.


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Used to hold the unofficial mileage record of 438 miles in one day, since the days of Home Delivery, probably they have surpassed it.
Uhhhh.....yeah. We have a driver that probably hits that number 2-3 days/week and that's in an area with 15 routes that originally was 4 routes. The origifour used to hit 500 miles nearly everyday. They really burned out some drivers. Not to mention that we are in a part of the country that has pretty straight roads. I can't imagine being in rural Texas where if you need to go 80 miles east you have to go 50 miles SE and then another 60 NE.