Feeder driver named "America's Hottest Husband"

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    Check UPSer's.com for photo of Greg and Jodi Gillette

    Feeder driver named "America's Hottest Husband"

    Greg Gillette to appear on CBS "Early Morning Show"

    Jodi Gillette thinks her husband is quite the catch.

    America agrees.

    Greg Gillette was voted “America’s Hottest Husband” by readers of Redbook Magazine and is featured in the June edition.

    The 30-year old UPS feeder driver out of Slayton, Minnesota beat out 17 other finalists for the top honor. The unique recognition stems from Jodi’s nomination of Greg in October. She didn’t hear from the publication until February when she learned he was a finalist.

    “I had absolutely no idea about any of it,” Greg said. “I found out about it on Valentine’s Day when she showed me what was going on. I was shocked.”

    After online voting, Greg emerged the victor. The reward for being "America's Hottest Husband?"

    An eight-day, seven-night trip to the Ka’anapali Beach Hotel on the island of Maui, HI. They plan to go next winter.

    “Words cannot tell you how happy Greg and I are about this award,” said Jodi in the Redbook article. “We never went on a honeymoon and always promised ourselves that on our 10th anniversary – this year – we’d go to Hawaii. Three kids later, we weren’t sure it was going to happen.”

    Along with the trip, Greg and his wife are also getting a lot of attention.

    Today, the pair will fly out of Sioux Falls, S.D. en route to New York. They are scheduled to appear on the CBS "Early Morning Show" on Wednesday.

    “I talked to the producers and we went over the contest, how I heard about it and so on,” Jodi said. “CBS has taken care of everything – cars to pick us up and hotels.”

    It will be the couple’s television debut.

    “It’s nerve racking,” Jodi said. “But I am totally pumped up about going to New York. We have wanted to go there forever.”

    After the "Early Morning Show," Jodi and Greg will visit Redbook offices in New York for a chance to meet the people who have helped create quite the buzz in the couple's hometown of Lake Wilson, Minnesota.

    It will cap off an exciting time that began with the nomination process, continued when an L.A. photographer and assistant flew to the Gillette's home for a four-hour photo shoot and peaked when the publication hit newsstands in the town of 270.

    “It’s kind of gotten out of hand,” Greg said. “Once I saw the article, it really sank in. It really doesn’t seem real.”

    But it is and it has also earned Greg some new nicknames among his peers when his route takes him to the Eagan Facility.

    “Some of the guys have been calling me Hollywood and GQ,” he said. “I’m a pretty shy guy. It’s a neat experience.”

    Jodi and Greg have three children – Madison (9), Sydney (7) and Ella (2). Greg has been with UPS for four years (one year as a feeder driver and three on the Slayton preload).

    Check out the article in Redbook, available where most magazines are sold
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    He's no Tony Soprano, but he'll do....
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    Oh great- as if feeder drivers don't have a big enough head already now this dude is suppose to be the hottest husband. We all know that honor belongs to me. All kidding aside it sounds like a fun contest to win. They will enjoy the Ka'anapoli Beach Hotel complex. I spent 10 days there 2 winters ago. I recommend the bicycle ride down the volcano (make sure to get one that has brakes), the zip line ride through the rain forest and a day driving the Hanna Hwy. (buy a guide book). Snorkeling is top notch also.
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    You handsome devil.
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    :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    30 years old and in feeder? Unheard of in NY. Top driver is 1964 and bottom dog is 1989. Well its a good thing myself and the drivers from my center were not in this competition.(just kidding) Good to finally see some good news about a feeder driver.
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    OMG!!! I`m WAY hotter than that going bald, fem (light on the feet ) looking feeder drive!!!! WAY HOTTER!!!!!:cool:
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    Check him out in ten years, he'll look like Abe Vigota
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    He probably is a relief feeder driver. I am, and haven't put on any "feeder fifteen" yet. I've been damned to package department the last few weeks.
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    The only way HE got it is...We forgot to submit an application...FOR ME!
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    i wasn't aware of this contest. if i did, there would be no contest.
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    You gotta be friggin kidding me!!! Redbook has nothing better going on????
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    Dang! We've got our own little Lake Wobegon going on right here!

    All the women are strong and the men are good looking!! :laugh:
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    wait, i forgot i'm in UPS.:lol:
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    How the hell did he go straight from the preload to feeders? I thought you had to be a full time package car driver for at least 1 year?
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    Sometimes in remote centers, feeder positions are available, rather than using feeder drivers from hubs. I imagine this is the case, as the driver looks to be closer to Sioux Falls, SD rather than Minneapolis.

    Feeder drivers assigned to centers, can do pick up routes, get back for the reload and take the center pick ups to the nearest hub.

    Sometimes package car drivers in centers like this, prefer not to work afternoons/nights.
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    Negotiate? NEGOTIATE? Let me have a beer, a chair and that's all the negotiation I need!!!! Not that I'm a voyeur or anything.
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    Wrong. I think that's from the "good old days." I saw a sign-up sheet in my hub just yesterday for feeder school--for non-package car employees. If you're qualified in terms of experience, record, etc, et-al, they'd take you. Saw one name on the list. I was sitting in the breakroom a few hours before and got to talking to a man in browns. He said he's an off-the-street hire and doesn't live in the Denver-area. He was from a town about 4 hours West but was sent to Denver for feeder school (largest hub for a few hundred miles). UPS is putting him up in a hotel, paying for his meals AND paying for his gas to/from home! I think he said he's here for two weeks. -Rocky
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    It takes 18 years in package to get into feeder in this district. Maybe if they are so hard up on drivers, we can send them a few. Guys would move out of this state in a heartbeat. They try and try for transfers but are not allowed.