Feeder Drivers Should Do The Job They Bid

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    This is just a rant since i can't speak to the offending drivers at my hub without incurring another harassment complaint and management won't handle the problem.

    When a feeder driver bids a run they should just do it. Some of our drivers beg off from doing part of their run for a variety of reasons. We have a lot of combo local-linehaul runs. It's OK if it is only occasionally but some drivers make a habit of it.

    The reason I am ranting about it is because management tries to make other drivers pick up for these slackers and then get mad or try to make you feel guilty if you won't help out.

    Why management won't address this problem with the individual who doesn;t want to do his or HER job is beyond me.

    That's all folks.
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    Re: PACKAGE Drivers Should Do The Job They Bid

    I hate when Package drivers bid a job, and then run COVER whenever their sup asks them to. Someone who wanted that route could be doing it, but when the brown-nose package guy bids the route, and then never does it, well, this bothers me.
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    I really apologize for what I am going to post, but:::::

    Aren't you all Brothers and Sisters? I have read on other threads about the unity that is core to your UPS existence (this may not be stated that well by me).
    Can't Drivers talk to each other and work things out?
    Is the issue that the Drivers have created a problem and it is now a management issue because they haven't fixed it for the Drivers? That's how I am reading this and in my experience, that is a typical perception by many Drivers.
    Maybe the management people say: "They created the problem, let them work it out; as long as the service is made...". That would be my approach. Grown ups can handle this level of conflict.
    No disrespect orang or lecturing; I have been chastised enough on BC for alternative opinion. Steered clear for years and within the last month haver been hammered.
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    Re: PACKAGE Drivers Should Do The Job They Bid

    I come off mine from time to time and it has nothing to do with helping out the supervisors. I do it because it's nice to get a break from the same old routine every day. I also do it to help other drivers get the day off when they need it.
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    Re: PACKAGE Drivers Should Do The Job They Bid

  6. Jones

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    The only reason I'll come of my route is to give a young cover driver a chance to earn a day's pay.
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    don't let what your co-workers do affect your day
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    Tell me it ain't so................................... lol. This would never happen here. Not for pkg anyway. If we are on a bid rte we stay on that bid rte. The ONLY exception to that is if a bid rte is broke out. Then the bid driver gets first choice of available rtes.
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    As long as I'm on the clock I'm making MONEY. If you run out of hours early on friday you can go home early!:greedy:
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    Yes we are all union brothers and sisters, but I do agreee with 9.5 A person, usually a previous cover driver will still work cover for the company any time they ask him/her too should be whacked up side his head by the other driver that would have bid that route. Instead he/she gets stuck with a ****ty route for two years. Bid the route you want to stay on for the duration of the bid, and when you feel like you need a change, bid of it at the next bid.
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I agree but there is nothing with jumping off of your route for a day. I do this to ensure my primary cover driver gets to work and I like a change of scenery every once in a while. Bidding a route and then jumping whenever asked defeats the purpose of a bid route.
  12. trplnkl

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    Wouldn't it help your primary bid driver to learn the rte you jumped to?
  13. UpstateNYUPSer

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    That's a very good question and I guess the answer would be yes.

    It has been a couple of years since I have done this and I don't think my mgt team would be as receptive to it as they were back then.