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    Well concentrating till the end of your day is important. I almost had a screw up yesterday.

    Friday night / Saturday morning. Get back to hub. Had a good night. Tired. Ready to start weekend. 630 a.m. Park my big box, do post trip. Legs, lines, pin. Like always. Still dark out. Luckily I always turn on tractor utility light and look out back window of tractor as I'm pulling away from trailer. What do I see? Light cord still plugged into trailer. What the heck. How in the hell did I forget to take light cord out. If I wouldn't have looked and been to lazy to turn and look out the rear window, that light cord most likely would have come thru the rear tractor window. That would have been a bad way to start my weekend. I thanked God for looking out for me and for following my routine. That would have sucked.

    So pay attention till all is parked and you hit that punch out button.
  2. Indecisi0n

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    In my local they need to focus on the contract more. Their ignorance is dangerous.
  3. anonymous6

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    you are absolutely right. I usually stop about 30 minutes from the yard and do a quick walkaround and try to psyche myself up for the last hour and a half to stay focused on the job. this is when I usually screwed up in the past.

    QKRSTKR Active Member

    There are enough post about the contract and other crap on here. The point of the thread was a reminder to stay focused till the end. Till tractor is parked, pkg car bumper hits dock, stay focused. Go have a tier 3 tomorrow and see how much you care about the contract. All you'll care about is getting your job back in a place where they don't follow the contract.
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    It's those rubber air hoses that will really do some damage...ask me how I know! :surprised:
  6. feeder05

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    good save...I always look back into the window as I pull away from the trailer.
  7. anonymous6

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    ive learned a lot the hard way. by making mistakes. I lost my brakes going down donner pass going over a hundred miles an hour into the runaway escape ramp back in 1981. didn't do a proper pretrip. my oldest daughter was just born 2 months before and as soon as I realized that the brakes were gone and I was in serious trouble, the first thing I thought of was my daughter and how I was never get to see her grow up.

    by the way , that incident was probably the best thing that could happen to me. it made me a much safer driver. you can die pretty fast for being a little lazy. ( or kill someone else )
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    Great Post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have had Many Many near misses, and HE, has had Mercy on me.

    Trust me, I should be dead by now, with my dumb stupid young idiot, things I have done in autos and trucks.
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  9. MaceFremonti

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    What was the cause of the brake failure?
  10. anonymous6

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    some trailers had star brakes which are supposed to be self adjusting. this set of doubles brakes were frozen open and way out of adjustment. it was my responsibility to check brake adjustment before leaving yard.
  11. Old International

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    Like riding down the interstate with the pintle latch locked in the up postion! I swear I looked at that &^^$#@#@#$%^&^&* hitch twice. Only thing that kept the dolly on the hitch was the snubber, and 100% rear trl. I had visions for weeks of a loaded trl swerving off the road and killing somebody............
  12. over9five

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    Oh man, and those snubbers don't always stay snubbed. I always check the hitch twice too.
  13. Covemastah

    Covemastah Suspension Ovah !!! Tom is free FU Goodell !!

    If your Irish,,it 's always snubbed !!

    QKRSTKR Active Member

    Wow. That is one I definitly double check. As soon as the dolly hits the pintle, latch goes down, pin goes in. That would be scary as crap. Yikes.

    1BROWNWRENCH Amateur Malthusian

    Yikes! Sometimes the rod for the snubber chamber is bent and they don't hold that well....
  16. trickpony1

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    Picture this......
    It's 2 am Saturday morning and you just finished a sort in a hub 2 1/2 hours from home.
    You're tired and all you want to do is go home.
    As you walk by your set that another driver hooked up for you (cuz you hook up his set) you say to yourself, "I don't wanna crawl under this back trailer and check my dolly coupling.", but you do anyway cuz it only takes 20 seconds.......

    Alas! there was about an inch of space between the trailer and the dolly plate. A "false coupling" cuz the rear trailer was too high. One good bump in the road and I could have lost my rear trailer........on a Saturday morning.

    Imagine how happy management would have been when their phones started ringing.

    I guess that 20 seconds was worth it.
  17. cachsux

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    Rule #1. Never trust anyone other than yourself.
  18. Covemastah

    Covemastah Suspension Ovah !!! Tom is free FU Goodell !!

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    it's easy to get distracted on a pretrip when another driver comes over to chat or ask a question. when that happens to me I stop the pretrip until they are finished and I even backtrack a couple steps to make sure everything is OK. ( another lesson learned the hard way. )
  20. anonymous6

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    double like.