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    I'll make this very brief since I am too tired to speak in the queens english.

    I am out of CACH and right now am in a program to get my CDL (I test on the 8th of November). By the 12th I will have full endorsements (hazmat, doubles/triples, tanker). I really want to be a feeder driver but if I have to start out as a package car driver that's fine by me. The problem is I have no idea where to start at. HR doesn't seem too organized about this at all. The very nice lady I spoke too thought that the package cars are feeders. There is even an opening at UPS Freight near me but I can't apply to it without doing it through UPS, and believe me no one I've spoken to knows how to.

    Anyone got any pointers for me?
  2. Covemastah

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    Need more info on you 2 Slic,, How many yrs seniority, are you a full timer or part timer !! If you are a full timer,and have the CDL they may put you on Feeders for peak only! Even though you have the CDL you will still have to get TTQ ( UPS qualified} Talk to a feeder manager . I'm sure there is always one on duty at the Cach. If you are part time you will need to rise through the ranks as pkg car driver till you have enough seniority to get feeders. This is how it works here in New England,it may be different elsewhere .. Go to the Feeder office the day you get your CDL & let them know even if your a part timer,if they are desperate for bodies,you may get lucky..Good Luck !!
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    I don't think you have been around long enough to bad mouth HR. If you really are a UPSer you would know you don't need hazmat or tanker endorsements on your CDL.
  4. cachsux

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    The hazmat endorsement won`t hurt but is not needed, the tanker endorsement will never be needed at UPS.What you should do is get your name on the list to go into package car so when the need is there you`ll be ready. We are bringing in less than twenty seasonals this year and all of them have been here before. There`s no need for trying to find a feeder manager as you could be the greatest driver in the world and they will still not use you. New drivers come from package car by seniority, will then go through training, and if passed will then join the feeder dept.

    You will just have to put your time in. Regardless of what license you have that is how it`s done.
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    @tarbar, I didnt mean to sound like i was badmouthing hr. They have a lot of responsibility and it just sometimes seems like its just too much on one department. Thats why I said they are not the most organized bunch, but anywho.

    I talked to a very nice gentleman today from HR and after a few minor mix ups, I guess I am on the list. Now how deep I don't know but it's a start.

    And yes, you do need hazmat for feeder drivers. It's on their job postings.
  6. cachsux

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    I`m a feeder driver at the CACH, have been for 15 years. Trust me you don`t need hazmat. I dropped my endorsement a couple of years ago. Anything else?
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    Every trailer that I pickup at our rail yard from CACH always looks hazardous to me, the way that stuff is thrown in there.:wink2:
  8. cachsux

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    I just move them, I don`t load them. I would be surprised if loader training didn`t involve a shovel though.
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    In my area feeder jobs are bid jobs and you don't need a CDL to bid on them they will send you to school and train you if you win the bid. Also if you have less they 20 years of service you can pretty much kiss your chance of getting a feeder driver position in my area good buy.
  10. cachsux

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    2slic has a little over two years in so he will have plenty of time to study up on his CDL before the feeder dept will call.
  11. UPSGUY72

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    He can't even apply to UPS Freight becasue they require one year of tractor-trailer experience and in order to get that he would have to quit UPS and hope and pray that he got hired by UPS Freight becasue he wouldn't get rehired by UPS package division again.
  12. UPSGUY72

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    You might want to get acquainted with the word SENIORITY

    They put lists up once a year for (2) two weeks for those who want to have a opportunity to go to feeders or package car drivers usually right after the first of the year in order for you to have a chance to be picked during the year you have to sign the list if you don't sign the list you won't be given a chance to accept a driver or feeder opening. You can't add you name to the list when ever you would like your in the UNION there are rules.

    You are a little confused. If you want to work for UPS Freight you need Hazmat and Doubles endorsments you also need one year of experience UPS frieght is a totally different division of UPS than UPS package. If you want to driver feeders for UPS package division you don't need hazmat or even a CDL to bid the position
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  13. Covemastah

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    we have a guy here who started as a full time pre loader and got into Feeders and also a guy who drove a pkg car for 3 yrs and he went to Feeders because he had a CDL and no one else wanted the job. You don't need hazmat for Feeders..
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    U P S has ordered 475 New Mack Pinnacle tractors
    All tractors to be delivered by the end of 2010.
    Thats a big order and good for Mack and very good
    for U P S. Shows business is good.
    See attached news item from Mack


  15. Covemastah

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    Nice !!! So in Boston we will be getting new 265 tractors from NH VT & ME & Chema with 500 to 800 K on them !! That will be our upgrade from the 240 & 241's we have now !! OHHH the I cant wait !!
  16. outta hours

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    I have a feeling UPS will be ordering lots of new tractors in the next year or so. Newly passed tractor emissions standards are to go into effect in 2012. The new regulations will result in a significant price increase, as well as more expensive and frequent maintenance. I sure hope my hub gets some.:happy2:
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    We are getting some 30 new tractors, I hear some are internationals and others are mack, but they all have the urea injection on them.
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    I hate that smell of urine!
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    Sometimes out in the country we have pee in a bottle.