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    All the drivers around me have friends at Boeing so I hear all about what's going on over there through them.
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    we will strike

    1BROWNWRENCH Amatuer Malthusian

    I still have an application in.
  4. Wrong

    Wrong :))

    Without the advice of browncafe my part time career went something like this.
    >Start in unload, be happy to have job and work hard everyday.
    >Boss notices and sends me to loading.
    >Start hating my job as a loader, start talking to the co workers I see that have it easy.
    >Start focusing on safety.
    >Boss gets pissed sent back to unload within a month.
    >Notice sorters get a dollar raise, people less seniority getting asked to qualify.
    >File grievance and get sent to sorting.
    >Start securing main belt of my hub 10 times a night for egress issues, bombing not only my areas production but the outbounds production to.
    >Get sent back to unload but maintain my dollar raise for a skilled position.
    >Coasted into driving and qualified my first time.

    UPS is a wonderful company to be a part timer at if you give 0 :censored2:s.
    They want it done faster, hire more people.
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  5. VelcroVestsAreTearable

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    Oohhhhh you'll be back. Someone will call out sick one day or go on vacation, and you'll be the first person that sup thinks of to cover that area.
  6. Protein Fart

    Protein Fart Well-Known Member

    Try it you'll get the same old IDGAF :censored2: preloader. It won't be long until they remember why they took me off.

    People around me notice my attitude and all the time ask me why I'm still working here. My response is always because they haven't fired me yet.
  7. VelcroVestsAreTearable

    VelcroVestsAreTearable Worlds Okayest Sup

    Absolutely brother. Thankful for Brown Cafe and the people who actually run the building- the teamsters.

    1BROWNWRENCH Amatuer Malthusian

    A lot of the people who actually keep the wheels turning are not Teamsters, FYI.
  9. DOK

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    When you work in a team environment you never want to be the weakest link. The less you do, the more work you push on others. You ever play sports, bruh?
  10. VelcroVestsAreTearable

    VelcroVestsAreTearable Worlds Okayest Sup

    You know, there are plenty of other people who would love to have your job right now. You should be a little bit more thankful you have one that lets you get away with poor performance and a :censored2: attitude that you seem to be so proud of.
  11. VelcroVestsAreTearable

    VelcroVestsAreTearable Worlds Okayest Sup

    I know that, but supervisors and the others can only do so much, the majority of the work is done by the loaders/unloaders aka The teamsters, and of course the drivers, duh.
  12. Protein Fart

    Protein Fart Well-Known Member

    No there isn't, they all ran off to Amazon. I'm thankful to have a means but it doesn't have to be at ups. I do work and I work safely and correctly.

    People that would "love" to work at ups... Give me a break.
  13. Protein Fart

    Protein Fart Well-Known Member

    If anything I'm thankful for the union for giving me my paid vacation, steady pay raises, and guaranteed hours with full benefits at a part time job.

    You think ups wants me to have any of that?
  14. Box Ox

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    I dunno. Can imagine how somebody might if they start in local sort and then go feeder driving. Idiots like myself do hard time in preload and then deliver FT.
  15. eats packages

    eats packages Low elevation homes, hoping for flood.

    Nobody wants a sports injury to happen.
    And working faster always means more errors. Especially needles like surepost and address issues.
  16. VelcroVestsAreTearable

    VelcroVestsAreTearable Worlds Okayest Sup

    The union is what I was referring to. UPS wants numbers, that's it. If it wasn't for the union, I can't imagine UPS would stay in business, they would fire everyone for missloads and being 2 minutes late.

    And yes, there are people who would love to work here. Not just the obvious reason they need a job, but because of the union and benefits. And this place isn't that bad, not all the time. It is what you make it!
  17. Maple Grove MN Driver

    Maple Grove MN Driver Cocaine Mang!

    Ok @Mesomorph