Finished Intergrad as TCD, what’s next for me ?

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    To keep this short, applied for F/T Driver, positions filled up so got converted to a PT Local Sort Unloader. I don’t work the belt, I mainly just park the package cars in my section and fuel up trucks when needed. I also got my CDL so I typically doing shifting with trailers around the hub. The hub is small. I just finished Intergrad on the 19th, I’m literally at the bottom of the list. I’m a TCD so I will keep the pay according to the new contract if I decide to go full time.

    My question is, how long will it take to start my 30 days ? I don’t have to time to be waiting in line because of “seniority” plus 18 year old kids with more seniority then me getting a shot but don’t want to take the steps to become a driver, when you have a well qualified driver who pushed 80,000 pounds of Haz-Mat chemicals with a safe driving record no moving violations nor tickets. A P/T position at 13 dollars an hr is a huge PAYCUT. I’m assuming I will need another job to maintain the simple bills I do have. I’ve worked at seniority jobs but at LEAST I had a full 8 hours.

    I’m not being ungrateful, just frustrated because this process been nothing but jumping through hoops.
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    Did you ask them what the wait time is?

    If you went to intergrad I'm assuming that you're pretty close.

    You will have to wait in line because of seniority. You don't get to pass everyone up just because you're not 18.
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    Do you understand how seniority works?

    Doesn’t sound like it

    When it’s your turn it’s your turn not before
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    Hundred of thousands of people have the same story as you. Wait in line.
  5. BestMgrEver

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    Guys in my center back in the day waited 10+ years just to become a driver. Stop being spoiled.
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    Yes he does because they can’t drive until they’re 21. :)
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    Well done young lady. Was wondering if anyone would catch that.

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    Lol. You’re slacking.
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    It's a little warm today. Its messing with me.
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    Did it make it up to 78° instead of the usual 75°?
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    85° today.
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    OMG! You’re going to have a heat stroke!