Fired because a manager didnt like me final thoughts.

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    Hello everyone. If you`ve been around here for a year or more you may remember a thread I started a while back. Most of you thought that it was B S at first , some of you thought it was B S but changed your minds after a while and some of you probably still belive it to be B S.
    I havnt written on this forum in quite a while , I got in a little bit of trouble for flameing other members , for which I`d like to apologise by the way. I hope everything is well with my buddies Raw,Cole and last but by no means least the infamous Tie Guy....
    A lot has happened to me over the last 12 months , good and bad , but everything thats happened has helped to put my life in perspective and definately changed my attitude towards everything , my job, my family and my life in general.
    Its been almost a month now since my wifes Mother Maria Hicks was shot and Killed chasing a tagger away from the block we all live on in Pico Rivera. It still hasnt completely sunk in that she`s gone . Her empty house that is located across the street from ours is a reminder of the price she paid for upholding law and order and having some pride in the neighbourhood that she and 3 of her grandchildren ( my Kids) grew up in.
    She was so exited when she found out I would be returning to work and very supportive of the classes (asap and AA) that I have had to attend. Sorry I`m jumping ahead UPS agreed to return me if I go through the solutions program. Sometimes Blessings come in disgiuse. At first the thought of AA and counceling sounded like a joke but Ive been sober now for 8 weeks , even through the family crisis that we suffered , Ive learned a lot about myself and a lot about being resposible. (still havnt learned to spell good though) . I am continuing with the AA meetings and my children and poor wife are getting couceling through the victims of violent crimes fund. My children especially need all the counceling they can get as they are very angry and confused. My eldest daughter wanted to know if there was GOLD by where her gradmother was shot because the news reporter said it was a MINOR who pulled the trigger.......
    Any way , to finish my (true) story and answer any questions
    I return to work Tuesday
    I had to go through Solutions
    I get My old route back
    No loss of senoirity
    I filed no Lawsuits on UPS
    I am very happy to return
    I got my house out of forclosure
    My wife and I are still maried and hanging in there
    I will never eat tacos again..
    By the way RockyRouge, my apologies ... Life is to short and I wish you all the best in your life and career. No hard feelings huh ?
    And I ask all of you drivers out there if you see any of these vandels tagging or defacing our city streets to call the cops , dont turn a blind eye because then we all lose . Dont let my Mother in Laws life be in vain .
    God Bless
    J.W. The UK Guy
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    i saw your mother-in-laws story on the news. i'm in so cal also. i'm very sorry for you and your family. i wish you the best of luck returning to work. good luck and take one day at a time.
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    Welcome back and best of luck to you in the future.
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    UK Guy, great to have you back. I sure do remember you. How can someone forget a highly energetic person as yourself. I do mean that in a good way. I thought at one time you and Tie Guy were related. You know, with the same last name and all. (light hearted humor) Anyhow, I am sadden by the death of your wife's mother. I will put you and your family in my prayers. I believe you speak from the heart and are very sincere in turning things around for you and your family. Actually to be honest in a thread sometime ago after you had stopped posting Raw and I traded posts on how we had missed your wild sense of humor. sincerely area 43 ps UK Guy this is the thread where Raw and I had the exchange. Its all good. LOL Thread - " Hello from the United Kingdom" by CBUK. I brought it out of the archive. It should be close to this one.
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    My thoughts and prayers with you and yours. Welcome back and hope all goes well. When you get stressed just stop and get a hot cup of java and chill. Your mother in law did not die in vain. Someone has to take back the streets, sorry it had to be in your family. The longer people let the crap rule, the deeper it gets, she is a collateral damage, a sad term, but maybe she lit a fire in the bellies of the stand bys but at least she tried. Bless all of You.
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    The-UK-Guy Tea anyone ?

    Thankyou , Its nice to know that I was missed and thankyou all for your thoughts and prayers !!!:)
  7. DS

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    welcome back!
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    I established with clear and convincing evidence that the supervisors lied to the state panel, falsification of company records and did so deliberately and with intent to deceive.The company has done this [kind of business] in the past and everyone that works for [ups] has seen the supervisors do this kind indifferent ways to small group's around there work place.The intent of the company was not to here the grievances that I have turned in on a number of supervisors,and to do what ever it took to do so.The strongly written integrity policy of the company >[arbitrators words], ask me and others it is just for show. When its comes down to the company to use this, it will be all over the company's case when a union members are involved.To determine intent call the witnesses that I gave the [NLRB,OCRC/EEOC,Dol,DOJ,I.B.T. and the company itself.Everybody is afraid of what is on the tapes that I taped on the hearings I was involved with. The tapes will tell the truth to all.

    The behaviors of the supervisors were deliberate and intended to defraud and deceive the state panel.These were not"honest errors" it was deliberately and convincing done through willful deceit,personal financial gain and no moral character to tell the truth.I have never lie to either [parties] involved in any case, that is moral character. Why cant they do the same and tell the truth before they are put in prison for breaking civil rights laws.
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    UK Guy,
    I worked in Whittier Ctr before it was Whittier (Rio Hondo Ctr)!

    I am very glad to seel that you are getting a second chance!! You have obviously made some tremendous strides in your life despite personal tragedy. Dig deep and think of your family when you feel periods of weakness...and use this thread to let us know how you are doing. It is always great to hear stories of how people have turned their lives around. I am very happy for you. I wish you much success in the workplace also!
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    that's good that you knew the procedures. as you can see the union had to step it up. it's sad that you had to use all your pension money to save your house. much respect to your mother in law that cared about her community. that former ctr manager, what comes around & goes around. how many managers have that gone through center in 2007 about 4 & 2 were fired for same situation. you take u.k. man england w.c 2018 peace:peaceful: as you know local 396 is being steamrolled by ups every day
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    UKGuy...sorry to hear about your wife's mother.

    Glad to hear that you are turning your life around. Regarding works. Make time for meetings. You never know when someone's story is just what you need for another day of sobriety.

    Good luck!
  12. satellitedriver

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    Hang in there UK.
    Maybe your testimony at AA, will be the inspiration for some soul at the meeting to take hold of their life.
    Sober means;
    Son Of a B**** Everything is Real.
    Nothing is more real than losing a loved one.
    For what they are worth, my prayers are with you and your family.
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    Sorry to hear about your wifeys mother. Couldnt forget the taco and beer story if I tried.
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    UK , I'll be saying a prayer for you. I don't know you at all, but God is the best at address correcting ( on prayers).
    Don't let the 'Christmas cheer' give you any more of a funk than you can handle. Tell Bill W. hi.
    And stay in touch!!
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    You sound like the kind of psyco who would stand on a corner with a sign stating that the company put you on the street, when in fact you did it to yourself. nobody believes you. you are trying too hard. get a life
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    What? What the heck is this? It's like a bad, junk email or something. Did I miss something? What is this dribble all about?
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    Uk congratulations to you and your family with your progress. Keep going, your story is touching that out of something bad is coming to a good result. I will put your family in my prayers with your continued success you guys will be fine. Sometimes the answers we need come to us in what we think at the time will be the end but when that doors closes and window soon opens. Good luck UK god bless
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    Hes been fired again, the thread is around here somewere. He taped lp in the meeting, has anyone heard from him?
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    You guys ever check out his album? Some, uhhhhh, unusual angles...