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    Your thread title seems accurate.
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    He marked them delivered, he just didn't say where.
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    It happens everywhere. Only this time it caught the attention of small town media desperate for a story that it can spread nationwide in an effort not to capture national attention to the story but rather to itself in an attempt to increase viewership.

    Things like this will happen when you expect a guy to do the work of 3 men for a buck or two an hour above the federal minimum wage and zero benefits.
    Like I told you. You'll never get a $40 an hour (UPS) effort for a $15 an hour wage and I doubt that the guy in this case was even getting that much.
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    ThEy ShOuLd NoT bE aLlOwEd To Do ThIs
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    What? You mean the outrageous disparity between the value contractors demand from their employees and the value they offer in return? You be that's something that shouldn't be allowed.

    Just remember there's always 3 guys on every FXG truck:
    No. 1 The guy who's coming.
    No. 2 The guy who's driving
    No. 3 The guy who is leaving.

    I'm inclined to believe that the person in this case was number 3 . The guy who after seeing for the first time what his net take home pay looked liked and was leaving regardless and didn't give a flying face fellatio one way or the other.
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    jobs jobs jobs
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    I post "They should not be allowed to do this" about something and you go off the rails... why?
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    You were not specific about just exactly what is was that "they shouldn't be allowed to do". I simply pointed out one example of what "they" in this case FXG route contractors shouldn't be allowed to do...... Demanding too much and paying too little.
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    Because it gives him yet another opportunity to write another looong winded comment.
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    You mocked his post. That's why Dirwood.

    So you learned to type like this in special ed classes when you were disturbed huh?
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    Getting the sack from Ground? No big loss.

    Granted what he did was unthinkable and he deserves to be canned but maybe he was screwed over one too many times and just snapped.

    Well it looks like Fred has yet another PR disaster on his hands. Merry Xmas Fred.
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    Or maybe the stupid employee who stays in a dead end job shares the blame.
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    And when they don't care anymore things like this happen. And why do they not care? Often it is because of the conditions mentioned earlier.
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    I don’t care how PO’d I was at the company, mgmt, whoever - to toss other folks’ possessions away like that is simply unconscionable in my book. I can only imagine how I would feel if someone did that to me.
    Find some other way to “get even”.
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    If you find my comments long winded and of no interest to you then why do you continue to read them?