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  1. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator Staff Member

    Download Firefox, to navigate Brown Cafe.
    Muy mas better ,than I.E.
  2. Pollocknbrown

    Pollocknbrown Member

    Firefox has and always be better than IE, the only thing IE has over it is that i cant go onto with firefox.
  3. Jones

    Jones fILE A GRIEVE! Staff Member

    Interesting, I've been using Firefox for years and never had a problem with
  4. upsgrunt

    upsgrunt Well-Known Member

    Me neither; I use it for everything
  5. PassYouBy

    PassYouBy Unknown Acrobat

  6. Overpaid Union Thug

    Overpaid Union Thug Well-Known Member

    I prefer Safari. Firefox comes in a distant second place. IE isn't even a factor.
  7. Big Babooba

    Big Babooba Well-Known Member

    Same here. No trouble at all.
  8. cheryl

    cheryl I started this. Staff Member

    My old Dell laptop always freezes up when I use firefox for anything, but not ie. Every time I use firefox for more than 5 minutes I have to reboot...

    Internet Explorer 7 vs. Firefox 2

    (Since Tony left UPS we don't have access anymore.)
  9. scratch

    scratch Least Best Moderator Staff Member

    I prefer Firefox too. It seems faster, saves passwords better and has spell check built into it. I do sometimes use IE7. I have been unable to get on with Firefox lately for some reason too, I get a screen that tells me to upgrade IE.
  10. Cementups

    Cementups Box Monkey

    I used to use Firefox but I had some issues with the last download and had to erase it all. I then went to Opera. that was an AWESOME brownser. I ended up going back to IE7 and have not had any problems with it so no need to go back to either of hte other two at this juncture.
  11. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator Staff Member

    I have only used Firefox ,so far,to view BrownCafe. The speed of page change was dramatic over I.E.7.
    The automatic spell check is cool, but it just keeps reminding me of what a clutz I am at typing.
    I have no clue, as to why Firefox can open B.C. pages faster than I.E. on my computer.
    I also will check into Safari and Opera browsers.
  12. Pollocknbrown

    Pollocknbrown Member

    I dont know, it tells me i need to upgrade my version of firefox but im running the most upto date version so idk, i just accept defeat and use IE for that one application of checking my check.
  13. I have Firefox too, but it logs me off whenever I change pages!!!!!

    Does seem to change faster tho.......


  14. cheryl

    cheryl I started this. Staff Member

    Hi Over,

    I like firefox, but one day it suddenly decided that it doesn't like my computer... so I can't use it anymore. I had to switch to Internet Explorer 7 which is actually much better than their older versions. IE has got tabbed browsing now which was the main reason I used to prefer firefox. You could always give in to microsoft's plot to takeover the world and switch to IE. Firefox is very good though.

    Try clearing your firefox cache and cookies:

    Firefox 2.0 for Windows
    From the Tools menu, select Clear Private Data, and then choose Cache.

    Firefox 1.0 and 1.5 for Windows
    1. From the Tools menu, select Options... , and then click Privacy.
    In 1.5, select the Cache tab, and then click the Clear Cache Now button. In 1.0, next to Cache, click the Clear button, and then click OK.
  15. cino321

    cino321 Active Member

    Browncafe: Firefox works great

    Rest of the Internet: Firefox is great too. Can't log on with Firefox

    Cheryl, I've noticed that Internet Explorer 7 is a bit of a system resources hog. Might want to look into that. I tried it for the sake of curiosity and couldn't stand it, way too animated.
  16. Thanks Cheryl, I always use IE7 but decided to try Firefox to see if the pages here would change faster. Seems they do. I cleared cache as you suggested but as you can see it logs me off when I change a page! Very strange.

    Does anyone else with the slow page changing of IE7 have Spybot? Spybot immunizes IE, and I wonder if that causes the slow page turning.
  17. trplnkl

    trplnkl 555

    sometimes, on various browsers, a pop-up blocker slows down page loading.
  18. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator Staff Member

    Just did a test.
    I.E.7 took 6 seconds to open the UPS Discussion thread.
    Firefox took less than 1 second to open the same page.
    Firefox works for me at UPSER'
    Why it works so well, I still don't have a clue.
  19. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator Staff Member

    I dunno, I use AVG.
  20. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    I downloaded Safari as BAU suggested.

    Wow, it is fast! I like it.