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    I filed my first grievance earlier this morning. In my last post, I mentioned I had 2 PT seasonal employees threaten my life, and when I took it to management, he said he didn’t want to hear it. He then moved me from a 3 car set to a 4 car set (even though I’m a :censored2: loader and was in the unload from March-November) and had 20+ misloads in 4 trucks. Steward said he’s shooting for meeting next week. After the weekend, I was told to load a 3 car set without the SmartScan system and had 3 misloads in the first hour while the new hire next to me had 5 and I got yelled at. Any advice for the meeting?
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    Uh what's the article you filed for?
  3. Wrong

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    Why wouldn’t you call the police? Get a police report and then call the hotline.

    Also I think you’re a liar trying to game the system, at least fully commit to it. Go for an Oscar, really demonstrate how much you’re afraid of losing your life.
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    Harassment against my supe. Feel like I’m his punching bag, he’s had it out for me since the beginning. Worked with 5/6 supes, both preload and metro and all of them never had a problem with me except for him
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    Good luck but I wouldn't expect much to change.
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    I’m not going to let seasonal employees ruin my career. And maybe I should, always wanted to be famous.
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    Thanks, hoping they’ll push me back to trailers and be left alone
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    if they ask " you did your best"
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    Stop concerning yourself with other employees. Management coming after has nothing to do with other loaders.
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    You really showed them whose boss!!!!
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    Was it like a 2 seasonal employee double team or two separate threatenings of your life?

    Because you’re not a new hire.
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    First you will need proof that this supervisor is targeting you, whether that's a trail of grievances or other co workers witness to this happening. Saying a supervisor has it out for you will get you no where. Multiple people in my building have called HR on a preload supervisor for harassment and she is still working the same shift and area. You need to build a case before you can get a result.
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    So then slow down to stop having missloads.

    Work as SAFELY as you can while following the lift/lowering methods.

    You’re untoughable if you just follow the methods and do so safely. The union doesn’t recognize the companies metrics/pph.
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    Don't forget to ask for union assistance on ALL over 70s.