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  1. BrownedUp

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    Greetings to you all!!

    5 year part-time veteran here about to make a decision to go full-time...currently an air exception driver working preload and running air on occasion during the week and always on Saturday. Should I or shouldnt I go fulltime I'm alreay pulling 40 hour work week but not guaranteed??
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    Browned Up,
    Ask yourself these questions - Do I want a CAREER with UPS?
    Am I willing to work hard to make it happen?
    Do I just want to keep doing what is easy?

    If the first two answers are yes and the third is no you should go full time and make it work. I am a retired manager who worked for UPS for 35 plus years.

    The key is... your work week is not guaranteed right now. Remember you have to look at your pension also.

    I don't know your situation but at some point you may find yourself with family responsibilities and you need to think about the future now, not when you are 30 or 40. I can tell you that 35 years goes fast! Do you want to be able to retire young or do you want to be working at 60 - 65- 70? It is up to you.

    I started out at 19 part time for 2 years and 5 as a driver before going into mgmt. I know plenty of retired drivers that made a good life and retired early because they worked full time and were not afraid of hard work.

    If you have concerns about being a driver there may be some combo positions that are available in your district.
    And start maxing out your 401 K NOW!!! Don't wait. Another area that gets folks into trouble is they live off the bonus and overtime. Invest the bonus and overtime and only live off the 40 hour guarantee.

    It comes quicker than you think!!!! Good Luck!
  3. BrownedUp

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    I have a family and am 37 years old not years young :crying: started at UPS at age 32. Thanks for the advice
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    WElcome brownedUp, hope you enjoy the site. Feel free to jump in and converse anytime. Its a nice place.

    UPSlifer makes some great points, good advice. There are a some major problems with the pension in some areas. You can read all about them, and find out how your area is doing.
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    Welcome friend!

    Frankly you're 3 yrs younger than myself, and you have good benefits etc...UPS Lifer made some excellent points. If it's what you want sure, but depending on your location the pension isn't worth didley in some areas, others it is pretty good. If you are married with kids would make more in the long run than splitting your day and night all up like that.

    If I had it to do again I would have listened to my fathers advice and "stay your a_ _ in school!" (college), and specialize in something. Outside of that UPS is tough on the body, and mind at times, but it pays the bills, and once you gain some seniority things get a bit better run wise. It is tough on one's spouse though, because we are so dependant on them to take care of the things we don't have time to, which is most homelife things.

    Good luck, and again welcome!