First Week at Ups Pay Question.

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    This may have been answered before but I couldn't find the answer when I searched, I apologize for asking again.

    Monday was my first day and we were told we wouldn't get a check Friday but instead get it next Friday. My question is will that pay check be for two weeks or one week? When I worked a previous job we got paid every Friday and time went in on Wednesday so we got paid every Friday for that week we worked. I heard about the $25 a week for The Union but I also heard something about initiation fees, What are those? If he helps answer the question i'm a P/T Package handler Permanent not seasonal.

    Thanks for the help
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    We get Paid on Fridays for the previous week so next Friday check will be for this week of work. The work week is Sun-Sat at UPS. You have to pay an initiation fee which varies from local to local find out what yours is and pay attention to what they take out. They should take out $25 a week for initiation fees until they are paid except on the week that they take your union dues out. At least that's how it worked when they took mine out.

    Welcome to UPS good luck

    Here are a couple of things that will make making your 30 days very easy.

    1. Show up to work on time and everyday sick or not..
    2. Don't get involved in anyone else business just do your job... (just be your coworker that been there a while is acting like a a-hole doesn't mean you can)
    3. Do what you told and make a honest effort on what your doing.
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    And whatever you do, don't go management.
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    There are 2 more pieces of advice to add. I have tried to live by these, and I have almost 30 years in. They are:
    1. Don't wreck the trucks.
    ​2. Deliver your packages on time and to the right address.
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    ​Dont call your truck a truck.
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