First-world problems

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    Our washing machine took a dump on us last weekend. Today was the first day that our local repairman could get out here to fix it, so this whole last week we have been operating under "laundry famine" conditions. I have a few older uniforms that are kind of threadbare but still wearable, so I pressed them into service. It was also a good excuse to go to the store and buy some new undies. Also had to hang up a couple of towels and reuse them. My wife was also able to get by with some older clothes in the back of her closet. She has to go in to work today, so now that the repairman has left with $250 of my money I get to spend an entire freaking Saturday grinding through a giant backlog of laundry. I was kind of :censored2: about it until, while channel surfing, I saw one of those documentaries about people in 3rd world countries who have to walk for miles in the desert with jugs on top of their heads in order to find clean water. Kinda puts my "problem" in perspective.
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    Great post.

    We are spoiled and Blessed to be in the US .

    My short tour of duty in Haiti in 1994 humbled me tremendously.

    With a GDP / PPP of about 1,300 dollars in that country, one leaves very thankful for what
    one has as a US Citizen.
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    Did you think about replacing rather than repairing? You can get a lower-end washing machine for around $250 or can opt for one with all of the bells and whistles starting at $1K.

    What's wrong with using the same towel and hanging it over the shower curtain for 2-3 days?

    You are right about perspective----a lot of us, especially those who frequent the union issues forum, could use a strong dose of perspective.
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    We bought a higher-end front loading high efficiency washing machine about 7 yrs ago. It uses 1/4 as much water as the cheap ones, and it gets the clothes cleaner too. In the time we have had it it has paid for itself in the form of lower monthly water bills. Plus it doesnt have an agitator post in the middle to tear up delicates or tie our sheets into knots. I think we paid a little over $1k for the washer and dryer as a set, we have been very happy with them, and its worth the money to repair it.