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    So me and my wife are about to have a child and I notified H.R. They told me to download some forms from the state (NJ) and fill them out after the baby is born. I asked them if they leave is paid and the lady said yes. I plan to use two weeks, but a fellow worker said on the that the leave is not paid, you just keep your benefits. Can anyone shed some light?
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    Leave is unpaid, keep health benefits, no pension benefits
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    Federal law allows you to use any paid leave that you have accumulated. Vacation time, sick leave, personal days... any earned benefit, regardless of what your employer calls it. But you don't have to take your paid leave. You can take unpaid time off as well.

    However if you're asking if FMLA would give you more paid leave than you have already earned, the answer is "no".
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    My wife and I . . . :happy2:

    Rellek, read . . .
    Section 4. Maternity and Paternity Leave
    Section 6. Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

    Read and download the FLMA forms from . . .
    and from . . .

    If New Jersey provides superior benefits, then New Jersey's rules will apply.
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    Just found out that there is paid leave under a new act called New jersey family leave. I get 6 weeks that pay 2/3 of an average of my last 10 checks. As of July 2009 this is in affect. They can force me to use vacations but they must notify me and cant implement it retrospectively or it's a violation.

    Yea I know it's not "me and my wife" but I'm finishing up my masters in accounting in December and taking the CPA and the INTERNETS is the only place I can cut loose and ebonics it up a lil' bit:wink2:
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    Make sure you take your leave as INTERMITTENT. This will allow you to not only take time for your wifes pregnancy, the birth of the child, but also allow you to assist your wife in the caring for the child such as doctor appointments,etc. You are allowed to take it in any increments, weeks,days, hours,etc as you need. It also allows you to work your contracted hours (say 8 for a ft driver) and then leave to take care of your needs and it does not count against your available FMLA time.
    You get 12 weeks unpaid but UPS will substitute paid time for unpaid FMLA time until you have exhausted any paid time. You are allow to save one week of vacation time separate from any FMLA time if you choose to, it is marked off on the FMLA form. As pointed out above any state FMLA laws affording you greater benefits will prevail over the federal laws.