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    I'm a part timer with UPS for almost 10 years now, 12 years ago I had oral cancer and had surgery to have a small mass removed and everything was good. Well I just found out yesterday that The cancer has come back (bummer) and I have to have surgery next Wednesday, Feb. 24 to remove another mass. Now my question is, I still have all my vacation time and option days left, do I have to use them for the time off, a week and a half to two weeks or do I use FMLA? I'm not sure how FMLA works I've never had to use it before. I don't really care about getting paid I just don't want to burn up all my vacation an option days for this unless I have to. Thanks
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    Assuming you worked enough hours last year to qualify...I would apply for intermittent FMLA. You can get up to 6 weeks off unpaid as a qualifying PTer....and take them as needed...whether it's one day or two days in a week....or entire weeks off.

    in the meantime for your surgery....I would apply for Short term Disability, but given your current health issues, you may also qualify for FMLA as well.
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    If I remember correctly, you have to use all but 2 weeks of vacation.