Fred Zs * visit, his amicable meeting with PK & JC 42s fury!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Evil, Jan 14, 2016.

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    Last Tuesday Fred Z visited Local *. When he arrived and asked for Patrick K the secretaries replied he was not currently in the office. As he and the leader of the "Teamsters United *" delegates slate were leaving the hall, PK popped out of nowhere and greeted Fred. PK introduced Fred to his recording secretary GM. Fred had a cordial conversation with PK and asked him if he had heard the news. PK replied he respected his decision to run again Junior, but that he and his local supported the ex corporate lawyer. PK promised him that no "mud-slinging" was coming out of his local. He insisted his local didn't go around intimidating members a la Ron H and Randy C in the neighboring locals.

    When Western VP candidate Ron H * got word of this meeting he immediately contacted VP at Large candidate Rick M *. Both of them along with other JC officers were furious of the news. However, since the meeting took place on Tuesday PK has denied that such meeting and talk with Fred Z occured.

    It appears Ron H and Rick M not only notified the rest of JC * but that Junior was also contacted. PK continues to deny he met and spoke to Fred Z.

    The IBT is very concerned with PKs behavior and that if its affirmed that this meeting did take place, not only will it be the end of PK, but that the OC local will be placed into trusteeship.

    From sources I've spoken to, who were present at that encounter inside the * hall....I can assure the meeting did take place. The Teamsters United * delegates slate even shook GMs hand.
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  2. wide load

    wide load Starting wage is a waste of time.

    You should write for Disney
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    How many time you gonna cry wolf little boy? Your word is worthless here, we heard all the stories before...... Still no trusteeship, still no merger, still nobody in jail, still no nothing except you crying like a little baby on the Internet. Let's hear about that delegate slate you got. I can't wait to see this power house team you assembled! Lol!
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    That's 2 minutes of my life I can never get back....what a surprise another the sky is falling thread from evil
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  5. The Silent Bang

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    Have you asked if this meeting did take place? Or are you just assuming it didn't because now your stuck in a dilemma?
    Your dilemma is your bad mouthing Hofs opponent while the local secretly backs him...
    If this meeting did take place that would mean that PK has some type of relationship and friendship with FZ to allow him into our local behind the backs of our JC prez, and both of our Intl VP's. How does one come back from this kind of betrayal?
  6. Bubblehead

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    If you lost more than two minutes reading that post, please tell me that you read it more than once?
  7. Evil

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    Oh the meeting did take place. Just ask "the used car salesman" about him meeting Richard G and shaking his hand.

    But why so much commotion? PK told Fred he and his delegates would stick with JR. Why would that upset Ron or Rick? At least he was civil.

    Ron should be more concerned with winning his delegates election. The sanitation guys that forced him into hiding in the back of the building and cornered his VP at the last general membership ship meeting will cost him his delegates slate.

    Rick M, shouldn't get to comfortable either. I hear those Ralph's guys that overwhelmingly voted against that garbage contract have Ricky campaigning like Hillary Clinton. Haha!
  8. wide load

    wide load Starting wage is a waste of time.

    Did you here of the meeting between Z and Mixon?
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    It's hear , not here dummy
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  10. wide load

    wide load Starting wage is a waste of time.

    I'm impressed girl
  11. Hofficer Hater

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    Mixon is gonna be expelled for the Ohio Conference fiasco. He's the recording secretary of that corrupt ordeal. He's lucky he's not going to jail where he belongs!
  12. Lead Belly

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    Is that what they told you oh there I. Cincinnati Sam? Word on the street is you are going to have a hearing at the convention next summer on your job and if you are able to run for office in your own local election next December. At least you are collecting on that ups pension.
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    Your "nose" is growing,...

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    Really,....... You're a child,!!!
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    Here's a "man" that confesses to be a 'mans-man' and acts like a seventh grade girl,....
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    I'm a man. Evidently more manly than you.
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    Just because you're a scardy cat? Look son I've been in situations that make me one of those guys that's not a wuss. I'm sorry this makes you feel uncomfortable.
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    Scared of what?............YOU? Bahahahahaha,

    Now that's funny, are full it,........js
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    My laugh for today,....image.jpeg
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    You know what I don't understand. My principal officer in my local is about 5 foot 8 and he ain't scared of any of these guys. Never has never will be. It's actually quite inspiring being that I'm 6foot3 235. Actually he's very well respected for this. Why are so many of you so scared. Regardless of what you all might think you only get of shot at life. All of you have the opportunity to grab life by the balls.