freeze on hiring until contract is official


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It’s a freeze on days counting towards qualifying to become a ‘permanent’ emplpyee instead of basically temp.


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You can be hired FT and PT in the months of Oct thru Dec. We have several with Nov seniority dates. Just depends on what you were hired for. Seasonal or regular employee.


Seasonal or permanent.

I've seen the company make a mistake, and not indicate on the intent sheet

that it was "supposed" to be seasonal. Then try and go back and have the hourly

sign an addendum, indicating it's seasonal. If the driver grieves it.... they win.



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The lack of member participation.... undermines the situation.

Sure. Gave JH and DT a technicality-based way to willingly wiggle out of having to work for the membership. They did not have to go the way they did.

I get it, though. It's easier to work for the Company than the membership on your way out.