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    I am currently on STD. When I was going out for it, I asked my ft sup to fill out the part of the STD form so I could get it faxed over. The sup stated they wouldn't complete that part of the paperwork until after I came back from STD. Sup stated they only do it after people come back to work. So I had to have HR fill it out. HRSC and the insurance carried both told me that some supervisors are difficult about this paperwork and weren't surprised what I had to go through.
    This ft sup also told me I had to text them every other week otherwise they would put me down as absent. I informed my ft sup that HRSC sends them updated information on my case. The ft sup insists that they don't receive anything. HRSC stated no - they send the sup emails and the email address is correct.
    Should I call the 800 # and report the harassment. I know the 800 # helps smooth things over - but sup's are rarely reprimanded at my hub.
    When this sup is on vacation I can't stop smiling all week. This is long time sup who likes to throw their weight around.
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    Text the sup when his on vacation!
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    My experience is that you give you sup the DR note that states your return to work date. No need to be in contact with them until then. Unless your progress is delayed. Then give them your new dr note.

    As far as their portion to fill out, it isn't much. (Hire date, last day worked, estimated return to work, signature, etc) Go to center mgr. nobody want you to go around them when it makes them look incompetent.

    If you want to see him squirm, tell him your dr thinks it's an on the job injury. You'll let him know next week. And get the paper work from him then.
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    Get a employment attorney.
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