Full time to part time ?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by disneyworld, Aug 31, 2006.

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    Does UPS allow full time drivers to drop down to part time air drivers? If so, would the pay cut be like a new hire or would it be top rate since I am an experienced driver? what is the top rate roughly?
  2. Fred1125911

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    I think you can go back to p/t anytime you desire but with the air driver pay, where I work on Saturdays only, the top pay is $20.50/hr. I doubt very much that top pay for f/t driver would transfer over to the air slot you desire. But there are others who know much more than I.....
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    You can go to full time from part time. Usually it is for a temporary time frame and for a special reason (a hardship of some sort). Check with your manager or HR to be sure. I have seen it done, but very rarely. As for your pay I have also seen that cut due to holding a part time position. Again check with your manager or HR.
    Being in a driving position, you are valuable because we cannot just pull someone off the street to fill a driving position. Where as with an unloader/loader, they all come off the street. You may encounter some resistance in trying to go part time.
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    Where we are there is no going back and if there is a hardship you will only make what the part time job pays. Why pay you more when they can pay another less.
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    a few years ago a full timer and triplets and ups let her go tp part-time. her pay was cut though
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    From the full time drivers I've talked to top pay is more like $30.00-35.00/hr.It may be affected by the size of the city you live in.I drive part time doing air on saturdays and also preload during the week.I sometimes suttle late air out to full time drivers and made a few deliveries on late packages but only about 4 hour a week,more during the winter months with bag weather.
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    Our center's policy is that we cannot bid on a job with lesser pay than we are currently making.

    As others have suggested, however, special circumstances might over-ride that rule.
  8. under the older contracts (in addition to the COLAs) that is possible (I know a few that make 30+ an hour at my hub), however its much tougher to get there now (from what said people have told me). Thats the reason they never went FT driving, they made decent money just doing the 4-5 hour shifts at UPS and getting a light second job should they need to. You have to be there like 4-5 years now to make what some of them started at (during the early 80s).