Funeral Home Union Considers Picket

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    Not UPS related, but interesting information. Union: No Strike Vote, But Company Doesn't Want Work Without Contract

    STNG) CHICAGO Pickets could go up at Service Corp. International funeral homes in the Chicago area Monday if the Teamsters union doesn't reach agreement with the company on a new contract today and the company makes good on a perceived threat to lock out workers.

    Teamsters Local 727 represents 82 funeral directors, embalmers and drivers at 29 SCI funeral homes and cemeteries in the Chicago area.

    The two sides met Friday but remained far apart on economic issues. They will talk again Saturday.

    Teamsters spokesman Brian Rainville said the union has not taken a strike authorization vote and plans to continue negotiating to reach an agreement. But the company has told the union "they have no intention of having people work without a contract," Rainville said.

    "It seems to us they are trying to position for a lock out," he said.

    SCI spokeswoman Robyn Sadowsky declined to comment on what action the company will take if an agreement isn't reached by the time the contract expires at midnight.

    The union reached a tentative contract agreement Thursday with the Funeral Directors Association. That five-year deal covers 220 workers at 80 funeral homes.

    The Teamsters drew criticism and outrage in 2000 when members picketed a non-union funeral home as a family service took place there and followed family members to a church, where they also picketed.

    Mindful of that public relations nightmare, the union will not picket during any services if a lockout takes place. When services aren't under way, however, the union plans to picket and distribute handbills referring people to other nearby union funeral homes, Rainville said.

    Rainville said the union opposes SCI proposals to a freeze in funeral directors' wages in lieu of a $1,200 annual bonus, replacing the union's pension plan with a 401(k) plan and requiring that workers make a 15 percent contribution to their health insurance plans, which are now fully funded by SCI
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    It sounds like the Teamsters can get you coming and going.:tongue_sm
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    Thank goodness they aren't planning to picket again at a funeral. I can't imagine anyone having to go through the loss of a loved one and then have thier memories of the funeral and church service forever be linked by the picketing. That just isn't right.
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    In case you hadn't noticed, your local funeral homes are being bought out ala Microsoft buying out its competition. They have since settled on a contract.