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  1. gbpbacker

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    I was just recently assigned a route that has a Game Stop. The route averages 100 business stops, 30 res. stops, and about 500 pieces. They want me to take everything through the front door to the back room, even though they have a back door but say its company policy not to open it. Am I obligated to walk everything through the store to the back room, or is the front desk enough? Just want your thought on the situation.

  2. Big Babooba

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    Ask the previous driver or your supervisor. A lot of customers try to take advantage of a new driver. I had one customer try to get me to bring their pkgs into the cellar and rotate their stock for them. When I refused, they told me that the old driver did it. I told them to call the center.:no:
  3. FLBROWN1973

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    I have one on my route also. They make me do the same thing but at the same time when they see me coming into the store they stop what they are doing and meet me at the door and clear a path for me to the back room. I don't like it but you have to make them happy. Does your stop also ship out everyday. The store I go to would do ods's every otherday but now they just give it to us when we are come in so you have to take the good with the bad I guess
  4. Cementups

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    But when a new system comes out they wil want you to deliver it thru the back to avoid the customers knowing that they go them in. the one in the plaz u[ the road from my area takes all their deliveries in teh back.
  5. gbpbacker

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    Yeah, they ship out stuff but not everyday, and I pick up the same time I deliver no matter what time I get there. And I am supposed to be there before 12:00. Rock Band is coming out soon, the manager said they are getting 90 or so of them, Rock Band comes with a Guitar, Drum Set, and Mic, the box is not going to be small........I cant wait!!:scared:
  6. NJ12hrday

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    thats a perfect oppotunity for you to break their chops. as you walk in announce to the employees that you have the new rock band and hope customers will be annoying them for the rest of the day.:biggrin:
  7. brownmonster

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    I have a GS also. I take it thru the front and into the back room. No big deal. If it's a big order then I have them met me in back. Noon commit time is national for this 60 million dollar account. I have my board programmed for it to give me a commit time warning at 11:40 just like air pkgs.
  8. Griff

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    I covered a route recently that has this company on it. None of the other routes I do/know have this company. Did management think to tell me about the noon commit, of course not! Is it in the board as 1200 commit, of course not! But they sure were there waiting for me to walk in the next day to ask me WHY, OH WHY did you deliver them past 1200???
  9. browniehound

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    I would have to say "yeah" you are obligated to walk everything through the store:confused:1. Is that extra 25 feet going to kill you :confused:1:confused:1??? Are you going to NI them for 3 days if they won't accept them at the front? I know that tactic makes everybody happy. Your Sup. will love it, the center manager will love it, the nice folks at Game Stop will just adore you and so won't their customers. And most of all, it will make your day (right?) that you get to sheet 35 packages at NI or CLO until the regular driver gets back???

    Man, are you serious? I hate to break this to you, but UPS is an "inside delivery company" and you need to deliver with "keeping with the customer preference".

    The only beef you might have is if their delivey spot is not consistent. For example, all week you are taking the 35 packages to the back of the store and then on day 6 after you unloaded your 2-wheeler they say "actually half of those belong up front". In that scenario I think your Sup. and center manager would back you if you politely told them you can't do that.
  10. brownmonster

    brownmonster Man of Great Wisdom

    Griff, that was my beef. They had Noon as a commit in the notes section of the stop. Problem is you don't see the notes section of a stop until you get to that stop. I knew the commit but my cover guys don't. Now with the alert 20 minutes before 12 the problem should be solved. BM
  11. SteveOUPS

    SteveOUPS Me and my helper.

    I had a division manager explain to me once, each consignee gets one designated area for deliveries. everyday the same spot and u should try to get the same person to sign for the pkgs. If they trying to get you to go up a flight of stairs or down a flight, ask them if they have good insurance, because they are liable for your well being while you are on there property.
  12. edd_tv

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    i always thought man why am i carting these things all the way thru their store for them and helping them out. but then when the xbox 360 came out and everyone in town was sold out, they held 2 for me. i bought one and sold the other on ebay at double what i got it for. so now i do it with a smile!!!
  13. brownmonster

    brownmonster Man of Great Wisdom

    I had people lined up 10 deep waiting for those 360's an Wii's last year. I was like a hero when I walked in with my hand cart full. It would have been no fun sneaking in the back unnoticed. BM
  14. gbpbacker

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    No, the extra 50 feet(at least) wont kill me. My beef is if they have a back door why cant I use it? I try to work smarter, not harder. It makes no sense:cursing:
  15. SmithBarney

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    We had a GS delivery too and I used to cover that route.
    The official policy is if two or less employees are working
    they cannot open the back door.. of course they never had more
    than 2 people working so it was a no go.

    I remember one day missing one of their boxes.. found it later
    I showed up with it.. they were so relieved it was like I was delivering GOLD
    apparently it was some new game and people had been showing up all day
    looking to buy it..(needless to say, it was practically sold out by the time
    I walked out the door.) No sales lost that day.
  16. browniehound

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    NSN, I hear ya, my friend.

    But I learned many years ago that its no use getting :censored2: at a scenario that is not going to change no matter how many times you bang you head against the wall! :cursing:\

    And I apologize if what I wrote appeared to be a wise-crack. I didn't mean it to be, but after re-reading my post I can see how it could be construed as a crack at you.

    My first year of driving (I don't know how long you have been driving. Are you new?), I would get :censored2: at every customer that made the delivery even the least bit more difficult. I soon learned that there are certain customers that just love to piss off the UPS driver.

    These types seem to be mad at us because we are always in a rush, work hard, are ambitious (you have to be, to pull a route every day), and make 3 times as much money as them. We have no more skills than a simple reciever, yet he makes $9 per hour because they want to smoke weed and live in mom's basements in their sweat pants for the rest of their life. We make $28 per hour because we work hard and understand we could work 3 times as hard at any other company and not make close to that hourly wage.

    These people have no concept that you have a workload that includes servicing the most amount of customers in the least amount of time. The 'world' to these lazy individuals consists of their loading dock and nothing more. They don't get that we can't just punch in at 7, take lunch from 11-1130, and punch out at 3:30. What a life!

    Yes we get paid by the hour, but these jerks don't understand the 5 minutes that we put up with their non-sense (and it is truly non-sense when they say you can't use that door because we say so, and hold on a minute while I get someone who is "authorized" to sign for those packages:confused:1), is another 5 minutes that I will miss with my 7-year old before she has to go to bed.

    But as much as I loathe this type of reciever, I will absolutely kiss the dock of the reciever that understands my sense of urgency!

    These are the ones that bring their cart out to the dock. You scan and they take. If they are busy with something else, they will let you leave the packages on the dock, take 2 seconds from what they are doing, and sign the DIAD (What a concept!).

    Always treat these people like GOLD! They understand its our job to deliver the packages and its their job to recieve them! You would think its a simple job, yet 50% of the recievers I deal with get mad when I have a large delivery for them??? My response: "Buddy, you should be happy you have work, don't get mad at me that your company is doing well."

    Sorry for the long post, but I think some customers give us a hard time because they have a perception( true or not) that the UPS driver is always :censored2: off and has a bad attitude (there might be some substance here, LOL).

    I've learned a little nice goes a long way, and if you put on a happy face( no matter how :censored2: off you are at the pre-loader:w00t:) the customer will bend-over backwatds for you.

    So NSN, yeah, it makes no sense that you can't use the back door. But save your sanity and just wheel them through the front, you'll live longer if you do so. Good luck!:wink:
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  17. deezilfuelonly

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    wow! is everyone misssing the point ....this dude has 130 stops and 500 pcs...he has a right to ask to use the back door just so he can make 11 or 12 hours...:scared:
  18. defcon4

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    I'm no driver, but I think it's outrageous for them to expect you to cart their **** around inside their store.

    If I were you, next time I pulled up to game stop, I'd set the package down at their front door and walk away. Then maybe they'd move their *** and put their own **** where it belongs. And if they started to tell me to put it in the back of their store or complain in any way, I'd ask em how much they pay per hour and if they offer health benefits and tell them that I don't work for them yet.
  19. LeddySS98

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    I have a GS on the base route that is officially unoffically my route, I've used both doors.. usually they get a NDA, and i'll tell them how many grounds to expect and they usually tell me which door they'd prefer but that's because they're back room is usually full.

    I deivered 128 boxes of those Halo helmet kits or whatever, i had there back room stuffed...After i got them all piled up the lady decided she wanted to count them, and she could only find 127 so after about 15min of trying to get a signature i changed the stop count to 127 and had her sign:cursing: The next day she told me she had found all 128 of them, and she was sorry... but the good thing is she does'nt count them any more:biggrin:
  20. gbpbacker

    gbpbacker New Member

    Its all good:biggrin:, I know what you meant.

    I have been with UPS for 14 years and have been driving for 5. Ive been swinging up intill now

    My route is a retail route and I think that retail workers are the laziest individuals that I have ever come across. I have one stop that only one person has the key to the back door and this person also helps out customers. I have waited 10 minutes or more for this "key master" to come to the door, one time I knocked on the door letting the other peons know that I would be back in 10 minutes. After I made 2 more deliveries I came back (in 10 minutes) and wouldnt you know I had to wait 7 more minutes for him to get to the door:cursing:, He tells me that he has to help the customers first and then me. I would do NI1 NI2 NI3 but its a big bulk stop 4 to 3 days out of the week and I dont have room in my truck to do that. Supervisor even called them to see if we could do something different, no luck:sad:

    I always let people like that know how much I apreciate them. And peole just do not understand the concept of I'll scratch your back and you scratch mine

    And I apreciate everyones input on the situation