GAS Prices and the Hypocrisy of the GOP...

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    During the Bush administration, OIL rose 400% in his first two years. OIL sat at close to 150 a barrel and prices at the pump were at $5 and $6 in some parts of the country. At the time, the democrats were complaining about the price of OIL and argueing that the speculators were running up the price of OIL needlessly.

    The BUSH administration, the GOP, the talking heads for the GOP on FOX NEWS, RUSH LIMBAUGH and the followers of all these groups spoke on OIL everyday saying that the price of OIL was nothing more than SUPPLY and DEMAND.

    Production was at 99.9% according to BUSH and OPEC and there was talk about supplies running out around the world. Rush Limbaugh spoke everyday during that time on OIL saying he will gladly pay $10 a gallon for fuel because of capitalism and supply and demand.

    Many on this board over those same years "echoed" those same sentiments on OIL talking about supply and demand and their support for BUSH and his OIL policies.

    Today, however, its seems we have an about face on oil from not only those on this board who previously supported high oil prices, but from the GOP itself and all its talking heads.

    Now, it seems, $4 a gallon gas is a CRISIS! Oil at 106 is a key to disaster! "Watch out america, Obama is killing the USA with high oil prices!"..... Boy oh boy, here comes the rhetoric.

    Lets look at some facts. First, OPEC is now only producing at 71% of its capacity for OIL production ( down 28.9% ) as there is a GLUT of OIL in the world markets. ( what happened to supply and demand?) OPEC also says that the price of a barrel of OIL should be at $70, so why is it at 106 today?

    Second, in the USA, there is so much stock of OIL, its being sold overseas, so there is no supply and demand problem in the USA, so again, why $106 a barrel? Third, OIL production in the USA is at its highest levels in 6 years so why is OIL at $106 a barrel?

    Fourth, the GOP says that IRAN cutting off OIL to the UK and France is hurting the price of OIL, but thats not true at all. The UK and France only get 1% of their OIL from IRAN and that is being made up by new contracts with libya, so why is OIL at $106 a barrel?

    Well, the answer lies with the GOP and its talking heads who are promoting another useless war in the middle east. Everyday now, the talking heads on FOX keep drumming up the war drums against Iran and the speculators once again are gouging the american public enriching the oil companies to the tune of billions for the first quarter. You have IDIOTS like JOHN BOLTON coming on FOX news saying time for talk is over and the miltary has to go in and make a regime change despite the eventual destruction to our own economy. This kind of USELESS talk is what got us into a recession during the BUSH years, and it appears the GOP wants to do it once again.

    Now, talking heads like Rush Limbaugh are complaining about the price of a gallon of gas, despite RUSH's own position in 2004 that he would drive his 8 cylinder 12 mile per gallon mercedes benz all day long no matter if gas rose to $10 a gallon! Now, he has a problem with the price of OIL?

    I have a question for you all..... WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR SUPPLY AND DEMAND ARGUMENT just a few years ago?

    You cant have it both ways. Either you support capitalism, supply and demand as you did during the BUSH years and the eventual high price of OIL that comes from that belief or you join the democrats and rally against the GOP, its talking heads and surrogates who promote wars and the eventual jacking up of oil by the speculators.

    OR, you dont complain at all.


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    cronies patting cronies on the back has taken over our government.
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    Bush, Bush, Bush....

    What's Obama doing about it NOW ????????????
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    Im not talking about BUSH, im talking about the excuse used during bush by the GOP and the change in excuse today for the high oil prices. Also, the change in thoughts by some on this board who NOW want to complain about high prices of gas, when in the past, justified those prices with the supply and demand argument.


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    Today, there is a GLUT of world oil and demand isnt coming close to exceeding supply. That argument was BS during BUSH and today, the war mongers are doing everything possible to beat the drum so hard GAS prices will shoot up to new levels with the intention on hurting the US economy.

    Its sooooo transparent that the GOP would rather hurt the US economy with high fuel prices just to try and get some advantage in the 2012 elections, but after the 1st quarter earnings come out, and Chevron, Exxon, BP and the like will post HUMONGOUS profits and that will turn the conversation back around on the GOP.

    Its only a matter of time. Dont hold your breath on gasoline hurting the president!


  7. Baba gounj

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    Keep up the good work, tos.
    I'm been making quite a lot of profit in the futures markets lately.
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    The GOP wants to tell the prez that with the stroke of his pen, he could call for just one blend of gasoline for now and it would cut the price of gas immediately. But he wants to go algae hunting instead....go figure!!
    And he continues to say there is no way to lower prices now.
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    Hubby had a $14,000 day last week !!!
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    Oil is at $106 a barrel based solely on the futures market. Speculation has ruined the economy and it will continue to do so as long as people are allowed to make money from the futures markets.
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    What a moral and ethical system we have here where one person can "make" $14k in one day while the rest of us have to live and struggle with those prices. A system of a handful of "winners" and the rest of us. ALL HAIL THE MARKET!! ALL HAIL THE MARKET!!
  12. moreluck

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    Risks were taken that amount to losses too sometimes.......want to risk yours????
    Everyone seems to talk about working after retiring.....investing in and becoming knowledgeable in the market is a job in itself.
    I'll make you feel better....that same week, he had a $6000 day too!!

    Those investing rewards pay for the rising costs of medical...............medical started in 2000 at $300 a month and is presently $1577 a month........At least we are resourceful instead of standing on a street corner demanding the gov't take care of us.
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    You do not Have to live and struggle with anything. Go out and make your own way.
  14. UpstateNYUPSer

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    More power to those who are able to work within the parameters of the system for their personal gain. I plan on doing the same when I retire.
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    Some people would rather rant & rave and "poor me" us to death.
    You assume this kind of profit is a daily thing? You're nuts. It can take weeks of studying the stock and it's actions. You have to devote lots of time trying to figure out when to buy and when to sell. Apple was the stock and options were done just right twice and he benefitted.

    I play the game on the other end. I do coupons and shop sales and I'm really good at it. Always lookin' for the $2 chicken that I can make last for 3 meals.
    We've struggled for 45 years..................raising kids will do that.
    So, put in your time, Quit your griping and thinking anyone else owes you a living. If you don't want to work hard and give up the toys, then your golden years will be 'tin'.
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    Bulls---. That $14k day did not pay for any cost of medical care. It went into your pocket. This is what capitalist speculators do: they gamble on the prices our natural resources and manipulate the price that the rest of us have to live with.

    Dont be stupid,no one is demanding the government take care of anyone. It is corporate america that cannot survive without its dependency on the government!!
  17. moreluck

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    I don't owe you any explanation.....but our $ is all with one firm. All profits and payment go into and out of "one pot". My checkbook is part of that pot, so technically, yes, the health care payment, house payment and every other god damn bill I have comes out of "the pot". It's the way we like it. So you are so wrong.
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    I'm not griping.
  19. moreluck

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    I know. I was trying to bolster what you wasn't directed to you but to the other guy.