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  1. Seed Of Towelie

    Seed Of Towelie New Member

    Any one who uses gloves have you found a decent pair that last? I realize that this line of work is rough on a pair of gloves but if I could find a pair that work great and last would be great. I have tried for expensive gloves from Kobalt. The three pack for $10 at Home Depot works pretty good and have a thick coating on the palm.
  2. jaker

    jaker trolling

    I use the general purpose ones from home depot and I get about two weeks out of them sometime maybe three

    I really don't believe you will find any gloves that will last long because we are hard on our hands

    One driver I know will cut the fingers off when they wear though so they last longer
  3. barnyard

    barnyard KTM rider Staff Member

    I would wonder if a site that has been around for a while would already have a post or 2 about gloves.


    I wonder.
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  4. burrheadd

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    And here we go Once again
  5. Big Arrow Down...D

    Big Arrow Down...D Leave the gun,take the cannoli

    Try these...
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  6. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Brian----are you a driver or do you work on the inside?
  7. Seed Of Towelie

    Seed Of Towelie New Member

    Inside the HUB unload
  8. Seed Of Towelie

    Seed Of Towelie New Member

    Thanks Smart Ass
  9. Gumby

    Gumby *

    What about socks?
  10. Gman33909

    Gman33909 New Member

    • MaxiFlex Ultimate Nitrile-Coated Glove 34-874 best I've ever used
  11. TheBigBrownWolf

    TheBigBrownWolf New Member

    Those are the ones many of us use. You're not going to find anything better. Two weeks is about avg time before needing to purchase a new pair. These gloves are cheap and I wouldn't pay more for something you can easy drop or misplace.
  12. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    Natures gloves work just fine.

    If not a tampon might work.
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  13. Gumby

    Gumby *

    New guy getting smart with the mod
  14. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    I would wear gloves if I worked on the inside.
  15. McGee

    McGee Well-Known Member

    Wow... Guess you have no

    So if someone suggests changing your username IF its your real one will you suggest that we go jump off a bridge?
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  16. Gumby

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    1454436595462703042034.jpg 1454436637943-1393211394.jpg
  17. Number24

    Number24 #24

    My hub provides some very decent tough gloves which I do not know the name of that last
  18. Wally

    Wally Hailing from Parts Unknown.

    Hello? Freddy? ...
  19. BostonBo

    BostonBo Active Member

    I wear nitrile gloves and the brown jersey gloves over those (2 pairs of brown when it's extra cold).
  20. MendozaJ

    MendozaJ Active Member

    I get 10 pairs of the generic latex coated gloves for $10. Each pair lasts about three weeks on preload. Maybe longer. I don't care if I lose one. Lose 50 cents or lose $16. They're not useful for drivers because they're too clunky for diads.