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  1. Im sure that every driver out there has gone through the same problem, so Im not really here to complain. But just to get some advice on what to do. If there is anything I can do.

    New on car sups in my building that think they have the answer to everything, switching up routes and making too many experimental changes.

    I bust my tail, 130 stops a day, 300 plus packages, 32 pick up accounts. Im back at my center with a full lunch and break at 6-6:30. 50 miles.

    Ive been running scratch for 2 months just like this. Last week I get 3 more pu's added (in my area, but not in my loop) and last week one more pu. Plus last week they swtiched me up, took 20 stops off me and added 20 more from another route, but adding 50 miles to my dispatch.
    Every day that I roll in earlier than 7:00 they add more work.
    But they have drivers rolling in at 6 6:30 every day and never get extra work.
    I would have no problem working slower and rolling in at 8, but I have kids I want to see before they go to sleep. I guess If I want things to change I will have to roll in later.
    I am a full time driver with senority and a bid run.

    Enough complaining even though I tried not to.
    But my question is, do I have a right to complain to anyone, or does this fall into the "work as directed" bull crap.
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    I would miss the kids for a few weeks, and give it to 'em hard. It's the only thing they understand.

    They have no respect for you, because they know you want to get in early to see your family. Start coming in at 9 PM for a couple of weeks, and they will see the light.
  3. You sound like a good driver. You work hard and don't like to complain. I dispatch a center and sometimes make changes for various reasons. My aim in the changes is not to screw anyone over, it is to improve my dispatch, try to reduce miles, or serve a customer better.
    While I think I have as good an understanding of the big picture as anyone in our center, it is conceivable that a change I make might have some flaws. The chances are, this is the case in your situation. Your sups are doing what they think is best for the big picture based on their area knowledge. They probably neglected to ask the people with intimate area knowledge such as yourself what the effects would be.
    Additonally, the feedback they are getting on how their plan is working, they get from the CRS reports every morning, and low and behold, "underpaidsucka's" performance has improved with the changes, according to the report. What they don't see is what you have written in your post.
    No need to get radical right away. I recommend that you go to your dispatcher and center manager and 1st try to understand why they have made the changes and then express to them the problems that it is causing you personally.
    If you are the type of driver that you describe yourself as, it will lend credibility to what you say and I think they will try to understand your point of view.
    My drivers and I disagree often, but to my knowledge they will come and talk to me and try to hash things out before they start playing games.
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    DITTO to that!
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    there you go start a pissing contest.

    Did you ask them why they made the changes? Show them what it did to your route ( extra mileage etc?)
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    The fifty miles for twenty stops in itself should send up a red flag, if not then ask them, what purpose it serves and how it is negatively affecting your family life. If they make no effort to listen, then do it the over9five way. If dispatch doesnt listen to the driver, then there is only that way to get their attention. Hoping they will listen, the good sups do.
  7. They made the changes because they are training a new hire. They want to keep him close to the building if he gets in trouble. Which I understand, I was a new hire last year and they did something similar.
    But the new pu's they are giving me are due to slacker drivers who dont have a life to get home to by 8:00 and just want more OT so they can party more on the weekends.
    Im not judging anyone on their personal life, just think its bull crap.
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    From what I`ve seen, the major contributing factor in the operations report that determines if you run over or under would be mileage.
    It sounds to me like they are trying to look good on paper and not looking at it from your point.If they dont listen,call in sick for 3 days.
    When it takes them 3 cover drivers to do what you do every day,theres a chance that they might change it .
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    Kick em in the balls ,They deserve it!!!!!
    As for driver point of view....You don't have one
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    Cold and flu season is coming up...
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    Sounds to me like your management team is playing musical chairs trying to improve their paper numbers.

    UPS management theory nationwide - "If it isn't broke, fix it!"