Good read....We have one fearless leader. Thanks Fred

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    If you really want to shake your head ,go read the Current Event thread..Most of the posters owe they're current or retired lifestyle due to the union,yet complain..It amazes me..
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    There will ALWAYS be anti-union people for as long as there are unions. Why is up to the individual. If you think the grass is greener on the other side, read the UPS section of this forum.
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    Unions are not the end all, be all some people make them out to be.
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    ​i consider public and private unions totally different. Public bad. Private for the most part good

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    That's pretty hypocritical.
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    You tell me. How can one be good and the other bad? Seems to me that statement would be different if you worked in the public sector.
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    I do not in any way doubt the veracity of that, but in days of old all the guys I knew who left Brown to come to Purple were glad they did. However, years of one take away after another after another with no advocate to step in on our behalf to stop the bleeding have left those exact same individuals kicking themselves in the ass for their decision. I for one would gladly accept whatever unpleasantries may be associated with union membership in exchange for the crap we've endured in absence of having any.
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    First unpleasantry: sign a card.

    Second unpleasantry: get others to sign a card.
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    My mother and father were public union workers still doesn't change how I feel. They don't play the same rules as private unions. They just take more money from the taxpayers when they want more. Not the same rules a business works under.

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    They work the same way a private sector union does. Get the most they can for their members. Nothing wrong with that philosophy or what would be the purpose of having union representation? It's worked pretty good in your favor, hasn't it? It's pretty convenient to blame unions for most public entities financial problems, but in reality it's poor management that puts them in those situations.
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    I spent 8 years in the military with several of those spent working with civilians. "Bare minimum" would be the phrase that IMO would best describe their productivity. They knew that the union had their back and, short of killing someone, they knew that it would take an act of Congress to fire them.
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    Lol apparently u don't understand the economics of it all. A privately unionized company has to turn a profit. If not they end up like the auto companies (who should of been allowed to go under). A public entity sees they are in the red and raises taxes. The normal rules of economics don't work. Look at the public sector compared to the private sector. The public sector is compensated at a rate that is almost 2 fold.

    In the 80's public sector salaries start to rise way above private sector jobs. The unions realized if the salaries got too far out of wack there would be public outcry. This is when the benefits for public sector employees started to get out of hand. I mean at most prisons a guard can call in sick for first shift then go work second shift and get paid OT for the entire second shift. It's stupid :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: like that that drug the auto companies down and now its happening in every town in America.

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    There are plenty of private sector union and non union workers just as you described. Do the teamsters or UPS set productivity goals for it's workers? It's a two way street. Management is just as much if not more to blame for those working conditions.

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    Prison guards earn every penny they make just as you guys do. It's one of the most stressful jobs out there and even with the high pay and benefits there is high turnover. That's one job I wouldn't even consider even at their pay scale.
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    My brother-in-law was a prison guard. He got an out on early disability because of the job stress. My sister worked there in the prison pharmacy and the majority of inmates have AIDs and get their free treatment drugs courtesy of the state.

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    Its called humane treatment. Have you ever seen somebody die from AIDS? It's a pretty horrible way to go.
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    Just a bit of don't die from AIDS in and of itself. All AIDS does is decrease the immune system so that eventually a person wont be able to fight something most people the common cold. Thus, aids doesn't kill you, its the virus/es you acquire after your immune system has given out that does you in.

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    There are plenty of horrible symptoms of AIDS in and of itself. But I guess you want to argue semantics.
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