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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by moreluck, Jun 24, 2010.

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    I personally don't care for the guy, but this story stinks worse than a North Carolina Chicken Farm!
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    Even if you don't like Gore, this seems really out of character for him.
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    two years, they sat on this .
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    The poor FOX victims, I mean, FOX viewers. Once again taken by a ridiculous story that carried NO WEIGHT with the police or any other federal agency that this "moron" tried to tell her story to.

    However, the FOX victims run with the story as did right wing talk radio for 2 days, and every hour of broadcast on FOX news. It seems that FOX would rather "smear" the former vice president with a ridiculous claim than produce the truth of the matter. Lets see if I can help you right wing garbage magnets with a little "FACT CHECKING".

    First off, this "alledged" incident took place on October 24 2006 at a fancy hotel in Oregon. This "traumatic" event was SOOOOO horrible, the victim waited until she spoke to 3 different lawyers and then contacted the FBI, the Secret Service and other goverment agencies but never the Oregon police until the 6th of December 2006. Not one of the goverment agencies she took her "story" too, gave her any credibility and after consulting with each, they referred her back to the Oregon police department. When she arrived at the Police Station on December 6th, she told them she had been sexually assaulted and they tried to conduct an interview. She indicated that she was ill and had to leave, the police department scheduled 6 additional meetings with this "victim" and each time SHE called and cancelled them. In mid January 2007, the "victim" was contacted again by the police department to try and schedule an interview, she declined and stated "this will be settled in civil court, so I dont want to file any charges".

    A year later, she walked into the police station again and dropped off a recorded statement she prepared and left it for the detectives. They listened to it, and filed it.

    In June 2009 she again went into the police station and wanted to file the report and demanded to "ammend" her previous recorded statement. She once again missed an interview making up an excuse. Then, finally, she was set up with the detectives and Rape Crisis personell who informed her that the staute of limitations had expired and NO CHARGES could be filed against Mr Gore even if they were true, and she demanded to get on the record.

    The "victim" then rambled off a ridiculous story filled with commentary and off subject topics and in the end, it was determined that the "victim" had NO CREDIBILITY.

    WHY DO THE FOX VICTIMS believe everything they hear? WHY MORELUCK do you continue to be victimized by such a cable news channel?

    Anyone can find out the truth if they just read the official record. FOX news and its surrogates on AM RADIO ( clearchannel) only wanted to "air" the declaration the "victim" gave in 2009 and left out the facts of the case begining with her NOT REPORTING the crime after it alledgedly happened. It was more important to get out the ridiculous claims and smear the former vice president then it was to produce the facts. FOX knows it victims will repeat whatever is said on their cable news shows, so why not?

    Why would FOX run this story knowing it was concluded and the case closed as a fabrication. Why not cover Karl Rove, and the secret that he is Gay, and that he not only hangs around gay men in D.C., but frequents gay parties and his best friend ( PAUL GANNON) is the head of the largest GAY dating site for men in this country?



    I would think this would be worthy of reporting, rather than the debunked claims of a prostitute. FOX VICTIMS, learn to filter what you repeat, you are being used.

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    "Women, do not lie" We were told over and over again. It became the mantra, for Democrats, as they described Anita Hills charges of sexual misconduct against Clarence Thomas. I guess it's a double standard for Republicans because when it happens to a fellow Democrat, then she not telling the truth. Remember, the charges against then president Clinton, they were laughed at brushed aside, no not our Bill. History proved otherwise. Men, from both parties are capable of such actions, let's not assume that one group of men has more character than the other.
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    It's only out of character if he's a gay man !!
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    It sounds like Gore didn't have a "Happy Ending" that night.
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    I wonder if he was trying to get into her lock box?
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    He wanted in her pantry!

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    Multnomah County District Attorney Michael Schrunk... How do you pronounce THAT?

    A police report prepared in 2007 said the alleged incident happened on Oct. 24, 2006. Gore was in Portland to give a speech on climax change.... This should have been a hint, right here.

    In a transcript of the interview released by police, the massage therapist said she was doing requested abdominal work on Gore....My massage therapist never does "abdominal" work on me!!!

    She claimed he he started to moan, "I created the internet", and then demanded she go lower, and later grabbed her hand and shoved it toward his public area.... Exactly what Slick Willy called his "area".

    LOL, sorry, couldn't help myself.:happy2:
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    That was funny Steve...almost as funny as the otherside's little hissy fit rant.
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    Gee, Tipper seems to be one of us who is believing that Al had a pal!
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    To me, this is just another reason to laugh at the joke known as Al Gore. If the allegations are true and he is charged and found guilty he should be punished the same as any other man that would act like this. If this is just a ploy to sue for big bucks (which I suspect it is) the complainant should be fined for frivolous claims.
    Other than that I couldn't care less about Al Gore's sexual escapades.
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    This entire quote is exactly what I was talking about in my post about this subject. The power of suggestion is so great, people will not "FACT CHECK" the information, add information that is NOT contained in the case, then render a suggestion for a outcome. The attempt was, is and will be to smear the former vice president and do somehow discredit him so people will not listen to his positions on global warming.

    TRPLNKL, you said this: "If the allegations are true and he is charged and found guilty he should be punished the same as any other man that would act like this"

    How ridiculous is this statement versus the facts at hand?

    THIS CASE IS ALMOST 4 YEARS OLD, it was investigated and CLOSED. There is no PENDING investigation ongoing nor is there any need for any investigations as the STATUTE of LIMITATIONS has run out.

    This woman was found to be a liar and lacked "credibility" by the portland police departments detectives in charge of the case.

    The intention of FOX news worked in one regard, it made TRPLNL make this claim:

    "To me, this is just another reason to laugh at the joke known as Al Gore"

    Like I wrote, all anyone has to do is read the facts of this case , read this womans own words and you would find that the story she tells in totally unbelievable.

    In her own words, she sez she "has no physical memory of the attack and she has to refer to a written accounting of the event (written by her attorney) to answer any questions about the attack"

    All FOX and its surrogates are doing is "extrapolating" the most extreme paragraphs in order to embarrass mr gore even though the Police investigating at the time found them to be un realistic.

    TRPLNKL, thanks for showing how mis-information can direct the mind to believe something that isnt true.

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    Again then....why is Tipper divorcing him ????

    He's right up there with the 'cool' guys....tiger and Jesse!
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    Al Gore is a horn dog....true that!
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    ow - rooh!

    when you get done with the massage could you grab my special purpose and give it a wank or two?. :happy2:
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    Liberals claim to be the innovators of equal rights but as our friend here demonstrates the rights of a liberal politician are more important.