got my sixth day pay...which was paid in part by my pto hours?

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    At the hub I work at we've been doing six day weeks for peak season. As part of that we're paid a bonus for that extra day. I was looking at my statements on upsers and found that with that first bonus check, my remaining option days (weren't a lot left to begin with) had been cashed out. I didn't really notice this until my second bonus pay was significantly less although I worked almost the same number hours both weeks.

    My question is this-can UPS cash out my option days and say that was my bonus? This is my fifth peak season and I don't recall them ever doing this. But I also haven't had six day workweeks aside from when I volunteered to work a couple of Saturdays during a previous year.
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    Your pay stub should have the option day payout as a separate entry. Compare your two paystubs, subtract the difference, and the difference should roughly be the value of the option days in question.

    What is this 6th day bonus that you are talking about?
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    you should look it to it, that makes no sense. did you ask for your option day?
    if you did not ask for it then they should not pay you for it.
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    In my area any unused ten hour single day option days are payed out after December 15.
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    In the southern region we have language in the supplement that all 6th reports are OT. The payout of any unused vacation and option days are all cut in separate checks in the first couple weeks of December.

    I'd do what Upstate suggests first, if that doesn't make sense talk to a Steward and see if they can explain it for you.
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    Upstate, I think I may have unintentionally pm'ed you. I hit reply under your post and I don't see my answer on here. I'll figure this forum out yet...

    I'll bring it up with my supervisor if I remember. I just can't recall this ever happening before. Now I have no more option days and mine don't renew until June. Guess it's a good thing that, with the exception of this year, I rarely need to take time off. Ain't UPS freaking wonderful...