gps tracking of delivery drivers

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    has anyone had any experience with this new tracking that shows our trucks every movement of the day up close and in great detail. like google earth.
  2. mini-me=miney mo

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    I see people viewing, but does anyone know what's up with this driver tracking? We have photos of our trucks in driveways showing the distance backed in from the road. They can even show us with customer outside the vehicle. way to big brother. maybe if they want to watch us they should get out of the climate controlled office and follow us, but this gives them the option to simply print out our entire day and review it from their chair. NOT VERY PLEASED RIGHT KNOW.
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    This is nothing new, been going on for several years. Tied to the DIAD and the telematics system. There are several thread about this. Do a search and you can read for hours.
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    It is called ODS-E. There is about a 20 minute delay. Not only does it show your location but it goes in to your DIAD and shows how many stops you have left.
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    The system is linked to Google Earth and can print out satelite pictures with virtual thumb tacks of your location, both truck and DIAD, but has no real time capabilities as you have described. This is all done by gps and cross referencing with Google Earth. I don't think they have a satellite dedicated to snapping pictures of drivers at delivery points for the millions of deliveries we make daily. At least not yet.
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    SHHHH!!!! Don't give them any ideas!!!!
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    I know the current DIADS have the ability to pin or mark where you scan a package then again mark where the stop was complete. My question is I heard that the older DIADs(helper DIAD) cannot do this?
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Actually, they do--it is called ODS-E. While there is a 20 minute delay, it can be used to pinpoint your location at any given moment of the day. I learned about it when my on-car asked me to go back to a pickup after I finished my break at Dunkin' Donuts. When I asked him how he knew where I was he told me about ODS-E. I have seen it in action myself a few times as it is on the OMS' computer. It shows location and how many stops you have left (again with the delay).

    This is correct.
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    center manager called my driver(Steve) one day wondering why he was in my driveway 18 minutes. I text the center manager later that he was just jealous. Luckily, my center manager has a very large sense of humor.
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    In the current contract the company CAN NOT DISCIPLINE a driver with technology but if they are able to get it in the contract in 2013 we are all done, This information is not reliable and if they hold us responsible no one will survive. I am a steward and I have seen some of the reports and the information they are able to receive is unbelievable and I am only seeing the a small portion of the reports. DONT VOTE FOR HOFFA because he will allow management to use telematics against use.
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Do the job the way that you were trained and this won't be an issue.
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    They use it now. They watch what you do for a week on the computer. THEN knowing where a driver spends all their time, they'll go out and watch you. They don't use the technology to discipline you, they use it to know where to go watch you stealing time.
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    How the heck can they do that? Google Earth does not update pictures every couple of seconds.
  14. They can't, it only shows where you were at when you stop completed the stop.
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    Just watch out during the next DOT physicals. That`s not a finger the doctor is inserting up your bum.
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    Thats why as i walk back to truck. Once and a while. I send a highway salute to the sky:happy2:, Just in case they are curious about my well being