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    Got a letter from my BA (the real BA; his actual title is Secty-Treas and there's someone else who has the "BA" title, I think, and does the grunt work) urging us to vote against the NorCal supplement. I think he's on the national negotiating committee and may be constrained from urging a vote against the contract itself -- in any case he says nothing about that. In any case, I've filed a good grievance or two over the last few years which have disappeared into black holes and I've had to settle the issues by headbutting management, which usually results in some accomodation but leaves me in the hole money-wise vs. where I ought to be. And the BA's letter may give a clue as to why this is happening:
    Now, a group of 22.3's who filed for supervisors working on a shift they were denied the opportunity to doubleshift on just got hefty settlements at pre-panel, so the system isn't entirely broken, but a group of high-seniority parttimers who filed for the right to perform what has been "extra work" on the basis of their seniority were turned back at that level with a remarkable statement from the UPS district HR guy (I'm told, I wasn't there) that, as a businessman, he wasn't going to pay them on ot for work he could get done by someone on their gaurantee. (Remarkable, because if the seniority system means anything, it is that the company doesn't get to employ the cheapest worker to do a job).

    Now, maybe that's a bad example. If they're right on the issue the longer they are denied the extra work the bigger the eventual settlement... But non-economic issues aren't getting settled either. So, is the system broken everywhere, or just here?
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    I heard rumors right before I left that there were 300+ grievances pending for the ONE hub. Not sure if that's JUST inside or if that includes the drivers. This hub runs four shifts--Preload, Noonday, Twilight and Midnight. There was no realistic estimate on when they would be settled. The reason I got when I asked why was that there are TWO people processing grievances at the Denver IBT Local. And to those that urged me to file for supes working, etc.....YOU THINK I'M GONNA FILE ON AN INDEFINITE SETTLEMENT TIMELINE???? -Rocky
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    708 discharges, there is something wrong with this. Seems that ups is puropsely firing people for one reaqson or another. Has a lawsuit ever happen from ups firing people for no reason???Dont tell me ups cares about saving money when they are spending large amount to argue grievences that they know they are wrong on.pathetic way to run a company... its a miracle that anyone has any pride in ups.
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    So, how many people does ups fire in one year, between mgt and union positions? It wouldnt surprise me if ups fired more than any other fortune 500 company. Has anyone looked into this being illegal. Not everybody is being fired for "cardinal" sins....something seems very wrong with this.
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    And the proposed contract has weak language on gps. people, this is going to be the worst part of the contract imho. I wouldnt think so if nobody but the crappiest of drivers who are doing cardinal sins who really dont care but this isnt the case. They are gunning for anyone making any small mistake or misunderstanding. Like someone else said, who cares about the pension lanuage if you get fired for an issue on gps. Heres one example, how hany of us have a on-route pickup or flag stop. How hany of us have driven past this stop and the sign has said "ups no". how many of us have made a mental note of this and instead of pulling off the road to close out the pickup, instead drive to the next pickup, stop the vehicle, get out and while walking inside the next pickup, close out the previous flag stop pickup. Well now your being dishonest in ups' book by not closing it out at the proper time. Everyone has done this before, but with gps they know you are not in the proper place. Guys, this is just one trivial, even some mgt wouldnt care, but if you get the wrong one, its just not worth it. This could be an issue that the union might not be able to get you out of. Think about it...please. Heres another example, how many have called into the center for a shipper number for a waybill with no billing info, but release the package, get a sig, then prerecord while waiting for the center to get back to you. Well its been 2 hours and you finally get the shipper number and you open up the stop put it in and then stop complete. only problem is that your across town now....miles away from the stop.Can anyone see the issue with this, although many of up do this often, with nobody ever saying anything about it.BUT WITH GPS, THERE WILL BE NEW REPORTS ON THIS KIND OF STUFF, YOU GUYS WATCH.If you were to wait at the business for a response, then you get introuble for staying at the stop for too long...see where this is going!!!!!
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    The National Education Association is the same way. They let grievances pile up, then prosecute them with the enthusiasm of a wet spaghetti noodle. After a while, teachers get the message: Don't bother going to your union for help - you might interrupt one of their catered lunches.
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    If this contract passes, We should be afraid, VERY AFRAID!!:crying:
  8. Reading your posts I can understand your frustration concerning the grievance backlog.
    I have been in similar situations here in florida, as a steward I kept detailed notes on meetings I attempted to have with management and did write ups for my buisness agent.
    it was a slow time consuming process and frustrating but the end result was the company finally was forced to meet with me per the labor manager. when the dust settled they ended up settling 450 grievances in 2 days and my center manager was discharged for costing the company around 60,000 in monetary penalty's that could have been avoided.

    pass the word around this contract is giving back everything we have earned in contract negotiations in the last 20 years, members will be put in harms way due to the verbage. dont expect annual raises they have left a way out in almost every positive language change.
    take the time to educate yourself and vote no on this new contract, there is still time to go back to the bargaining table and let our union know we will not settle for a sell out of what are brothers and sisters have fought so hard for. by getting the word out we let the company and the teamsters negotiating committee know that we expect them to make ups deliver a good contract, we will not tolerate them selling us out in exchange for a ups overnight frieght contract..
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    GREAT POST!!!!!!!

    VOTE NO!!!!!!