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  1. Bpow

    Bpow New Member

    Am i entitled to be at my grievance hearing?
  2. burrheadd

    burrheadd Be The Ball

    Why wouldn't you be
  3. Bpow

    Bpow New Member

    They said ihad to run air so they heard the grievance without me. I was unable to argue my side.
  4. Inthegame

    Inthegame Well-Known Member

    You are not entitled to be at a grievance hearing during your work hours.
  5. fres431

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    File a grievance
  6. Bpow

    Bpow New Member

    So i do not get to be involved in my own grievance?
  7. Depends.
  8. Bpow

    Bpow New Member

    On what?
  9. What is the nature of the grievance.
  10. Bpow

    Bpow New Member

    A less than 8 hr air job was awarded to a preloader who has more senority than me by 4 months. I have over 10 years as an air driver. I said it should be awarded as a driving job and not a preload job.
    I was told i lost and he got it
  11. Sorry. Seniority wins.
  12. Bpow

    Bpow New Member

    I have more senority in the air driving classification. Its not a preload job
  13. Bpow

    Bpow New Member

    Guess im screwed. Didnt get to be there for the grievance and still have to pay union dues!
  14. I understand that. Bit he has more building seniority than you. Maybe you will get lucky and he won't qualify. Then they will have to put the bid back up again.
  15. cosmo1

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    What this ^ guy said.
  16. Inthegame

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    Your union dues give you the right to file a grievance. What information could you have added to this case? Your BA can handle this without you.
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  17. Now if they was trying to fire you or suspend you, that's a different story.
  18. BigUnionGuy

    BigUnionGuy Got the T-Shirt


    Did you request, to be present ?

    Grievance hearings, should not be scheduled during a members working hours.

    (And I could provide a wall of text on this issue)

    Communication with your BA is essential.

    Not really.

    I would never here a case like this.... without the member being present.

    Trying to terminate or discipline an employee "off the clock" ??

    UPS would sure try. :biggrin:

  19. No S* they would try .
  20. Bpow

    Bpow New Member

    I did say i wanted to be presant.