Grieve all warning letters?

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  1. downtowner

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    With tensions high and drivers are getting suspended/fired for the little things like not entering lunch or nonlegible service cross.
    When do you grieve a warning letter?
    It has been stated(in center) to grieve them all, even if you made the same mistake after verbal warning.
    Of course this would all depend on the time frame.
    Example:does two misdeliveries in 3 months(verbal on first) constitute a warning letter?
  2. slantnosechevy

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    Anytime the company decides to take action in the form of disipline you should grieve it. You have 10 days to grieve a warning letter from the time they officially review it with you in the presence of a union steward. Not from the time they tell you you're getting one. Not from the date on the letter. The letter may be dated with a certain date, but you may not have it presented to you for a few more days. I've had many things reversed because the company drug their heels thinking they would force you to file an untimely grievance after realizing they didn't have a good case. Nevertheless waste no time in filing. Get grievance papers from your steward as soon as you walk out of the office and fill them out that day and get them back to your steward. He will stamp it in the time clock and give you a copy if you need one.

    As far as 2 misdeliveries in 3 months, no that doesn't constitute a warning letter. There are so many variables now with bad pal labels,etc. and each case is different. How long you've been driving, area knowledge, over dispatched, fatigue, all this comes into play. Without knowing the whole story I can only give you a ball park response. Remember at UPS you're guity until proven innocent despite language in the contract stating the opposite.
  3. 3 done 3 to go

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    I have grieved a warning letter. Business agent said we don't fight warning letters. Not enough time. Although we haven't seen our BA in 10 months now
  4. grgrcr88

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    The company can give a warning letter anytime they want too, you should file on it immediately. They are usually not heard at the local hearings they jusy go down as warning letter protested. If youu get any further discipline for the same offense then the original warning may be argued in that hearing.
  5. dannyboy

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    Things are different in slants area.

    Here, you have 10 days from when the post office attempts the delivery of the warning letter. Many times management has threatened a warning letter, but never send one. Here, you file a letter of protest, stating why you believe the company is wrong in its letter to you. The letter of protest can then be used if the company ever tries to use that warning letter in future hearings.

    The worst thing you can do is play the games that some people have posted, never getting one because they dont sign for them.

    It does not matter that you dont sign for it, UPS sent it, and they returned it either refused or NI3, either which shows you knew about it and had ample time to get it and respond.

    Kinda like getting a credit card bill. Just because you dont open it and throw it in the trash, does not mean you are not responsible for the payment.

    Respond to each and every warning letter in detail as to why it is wrong, or should not have been given. Dont go too long, but give pertinent details, and keep a log of the conversation and details in your log for future reference.

  6. raceanoncr

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    Here, again, I say HERE!!!!!!!! I was told many years ago, "You can't grieve warning letters, you can only PROTEST them". Well, at one time, I was unjustly given a warning letter, I grieved it, I won it!

    Letter was removed!

    Go ahead! Grieve it! I don't care what steward says, I don't care what manager says, I don't care what BA says, GRIEVE IT! What can it hurt?
  7. slantnosechevy

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    Yes, things are different here. I've had so many warning letters removed because the company was negligent in getting the letter sent to the right address. We would get to panel and find out the company didn't have the right address. Now the company sends a registered letter to where they think you live and they also review it in front of a steward at the workplace. That is the day that the 10 day clock starts ticking.
    raceanoncr is right, grieve everything. Put it in the union's lap just as we tell everyone to put things in the company's lap when you need a decision. If you have a lazy BA make him do his job.
  8. downtowner

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    I've been driving 11yrs and had 1 misdelivery last week. The misdelivery occurred in a non familiar area (split/add-cut).
    Just makes me a little nervous because a driver with similar yrs took a 6 day suspension fo 2 misdeliveries in 1 week.
    Now I personally would have grieved it and gone to two state, before I let them rape me like that.
  9. Jd10041981

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    As a steward i grieve and rebut every warning letter issued cause when it comes down to it they give u a warning letter for anything they want there heartless people mgt.