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    Does anyone else have the problem of having your handcart stolen by your fellow drivers? In my hub it happens all of the time. I regularly lock mine up in my pkg car at the end of everyday to avoid someone "borrowing" it. Friday I unlocked mine and left the area to take a leak, and when I returned it was gone! Our center manager has tried to remedy this situation by spray painting our center's carts all the same color, and allowing us to put our names on them, but even this doesn't make a difference. I have been a pkg car driver now for 28yrs and never had to lock up anything until the last few years. I guess this is a sign of the times. Is this unique to my area?
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    Please refer to "Broken HT" thread for everything and anything you wanted to know about handcarts.
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    Here's all the answers to your question, and then some. Try typing the main point of your question into the search bar and you'll see all sorts of threads that pertain to your subject. If you don't, then start a new thread.

    As suspected, we're all of one mind on this.
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    I work at a small center; 25-30 routes. We used to have this problem too. Then the center broke down and ordered a few new handcarts here and there. Now only a couple extra PC's out in the yard don't have handcarts. A bigger center might not be able to squeeze this solution into their budget, but it worked for us!
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    yes it happens all the time we have 2 cages 2 lock them in and i dont unlock mine until after pcm and put it in my truck right away. if u leave it in front of the truck it may disappear
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    Hey Bbag, how ya doing?
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    Last time i checked they all are ups property no stealling involved .
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    but they are assigned 2 drivers with there names on it
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    How did you miss "Broken HT"? :happy-very:
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    I've told management the simple solution to this many times:

    Have enough handcarts so there is no NEED for anyone to steal any.
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    exactly or have 1 hand cart in every truck
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    Can never happen...They will always be hoarded.
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    The problem is, some people break theirs and then go swipe somebody else's. They don't bother with ordering and waiting for a new one, and there are no spares around.
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    I never remove a hand cart from a loaded truck, just won't do it... and I don't like it, it isn't me.
    Now, empty trucks are fair game.
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    Damn you and your scruples!!
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    I think you and I would work well together. :happy-very:

    at the job that is................
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    I have no doubt we would, we both have scruples. I bet we could work well together at many things. Now don't worry, I don't have my mind in the gutter, and I'm sure you don't either.
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    kinda off the subject....I was delievering a college once, and delivered the first floor of a building, then had to go to the 4th floor for one measly delivery. Of course no elevator, when i got back down my 2 and 4 wheeler were gone. A couple of weeks later they popped up in another building, nowhere near where they came up missing. I know now to never leave hand trucks lying dormat when students are moving in! Needless to say the rest of the day sucked.....(and i didnt say a word about it until now)
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    hahahaha cobra agent