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    All you happy G&A portfolio folks can now post to this new thread with your :happy-very: happy comments, or :sad-little:complaints & concerns. I will start it off by saying how freakin' happy I am when I putter around the house on weekends wearing my HAPPY RED SHIRT.
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    Yoor postings read as if you are miserable and hate working for UPS. Have you looked to job-op ? If you are good nothing can hold you back.

    I thought the red shirt was an appreciation of what went right in 2007. I did not see other portfolios or buildings do anything.

    I hope you find peace in whatever you do. You seem a very troubled person.:sad-little:
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    and we didn't get red shirts in Morristown !!!!!!!!!

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    Why DIDN'T you get red shirts? Same PM, correct? Are there no HAPPY PEOPLE WORKING TOGETHER in Morristown? It was done only in Ramsey for a very specific reason, there are a lot of UNHAPPY people working there.
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    I thought the red shirt was an appreciation of what went right in 2007. I did not see other portfolios or buildings do anything.

    Maybe the other protfoliios knew better.


    [ one ] who is kept out of competitions for one year in order to improve his or her skills ...
  6. Tiger Woods always wears a RED SHIRT on Sunday. Nice move on the region district consolidations. It was the IT effectiveness of G&A the made it a go. Lokking for an OASIS in this desert of love.

    Go UPS!
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    I thought shirts were a nice gesture, but I guess it wasn't for everyone. I just don't understand how people were still complaining when it was obvious that they were trying to do something nice.
  8. when I am told I HAVE TO WEAR THE SHIRT, the nice gesture loses some of its luster...and the shirts were in recognition of a good (albeit phony) ERI score...almost 100% participation yet me and a few others never took it.

    they give out all these nice red shirts and then after the 'feel-good' moment they go back to their offices and figure ways to CUT STAFF.

    when are we going to wake up in Ramsey? and PLEASE do not respond with the same old tired response: 'opt-out' or quit if you don't like it.
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    Tiger Woods last round redshirt indicates that he failed to finish his last two years of college. Not my kind of role model.
  10. Wear the shirt...don't wear the shirt...the call is yours...
    The issue that you believe someone talk the ERI on your behalf is serious and should be communicated to H/R and security.....In my years at UPS, Integrity has no second chance.

    Address the FACTS !!!!!

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    It's a red shirt people. If you don't want it, throw it away, put it on e-bay, or donate it to Goodwill. I'm starting to wonder if everyone that works in IS is that immature or do they just let their kids post for them.
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    Is your boss driving you to consider looking for a different job? If so, you're not alone, as 43% of workers in a recent survey said a dislike of their boss' performance would be a main reason for taking a new job in 2008.

    According to the Yahoo! HotJobs annual job satisfaction survey, more than 7 in 10 workers are open to landing a new job in 2008. After discontent with a supervisor, the next two reasons cited for making a move are higher salary (36%) and more growth potential (34%).
    "It's clear from the survey that employers need to pay attention to the boss-employee dynamic if they want to retain talented workers," said Susan Vobejda, vice president of marketing for Yahoo! HotJobs. "In addition to factors like salary, competitive benefits, and good work-life balance, employees equate job satisfaction with knowing that their contributions are recognized and valued by their managers."

    In fact, 55% of the survey respondents agreed with the statement, "People don't leave companies; they leave managers."
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    You realize of course, what happened to the last person that wore a redshirt under my command?

    If we were to describe IT in Star Trek terms...and if Mahwah, Morristown and Paramus were Kirk, Mccoy and Spock....

    that would leave Ramsey...wearing a red shirt...

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    Ya'll got Red Shirts? Kool.
    I didn't take the ERI survey either. I don't know what it is everytime I try to wear a smile to work the supervisor makes darn sure to remove it. Out of 15 years of service at UPS I have been actually happy and enjoyed going to work about 3 years of it. My wonderful supervisor of those three years retired. ME Quit? Never. I will not give them the satisfaction of making me leave. I'm still hoping I will get another wonderful supervisor. I know there must be another one. Besides Prozac helps alot.
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    I got a brown shirt
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    I once had the opportunity to work on a special assignment in Mahwah, when the districts were able to send UPS subject matter experts to work on a new system. Personally, the reception most teams received were at best, lukewarm. Kind of had the feeling like, we can't contribute anything, because we weren't IS folks.

    Well, after a few months, the mutual respect of the teams did successfully implement new systems in the districts and regions.

    Which was a nice feeling getting back to the district and letting others know you were involved in a project, of which, unless you were ever on an assignment, you have no idea of the level of detail needed to make a new system work.

    So are the negative comments here, due to job related stress or just hatred for UPS who provides for you and your families? I just don't get it, and won't say "quit if you don't like it".

    Just make a decision in your life to make it as less stressful as you can. You and only you can make a decision that will impact your future. Life is just too short.
  18. I left UPS before receiving the red shirt, but some of my friends told me about it. To me, the whole thing sounded almost cult-like. But I was one for those for whom a gesture like that would only hurt, not help. I would have hated the shirt, and doubted that many who said they liked it were being honest. Face it, when you're unhappy, a T-shirt claiming that you are in fact happy is a turn-off.

    The bottom line was that the UPS culture never fit me at all. Ultimately, leaving was my best option. It required me to spend some good money to update my technical training before I could get hired elsewhere, but that's the way it goes. I must say the company never mistreated me, and that's why I was around for several years. I am glad that I was at UPS, glad that I made several friends there, and now I'm glad I left (and landed on my feet!). For all of those who are still there, I hope the future with UPS stays bright.
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    I don't think the comments here are a hatred for UPS, more of a hatred towards an attitude and mentality in one specified area that has left people feeling as if they were not important, and just a number. A majority of the complaints are geared towards the garbage that is occuring in one specific building and under 1 specific portfolio manager. Now I've heard that similar issues are happening in other areas, but for the most part it seems to be directed mainly at the "Red shirted stepchild" of the IT buildings.

    Some people have definately benefited from these changes, and others have not.

    Most of the people that are defending to the highest degree the changes, stay cause they're lifers, and couldn't get a job anywhere else if they tried. Their meal ticket has come in and they stay. Or they gripe here, and this is what gets them through the day.

    Honestly, if you were in the building, and in the environment, and knew what existed before, and what exists now, would you understand why there is this great debate and discussion.

    In terms of that dumb red shirt. I don't need a shirt to reinforce how happy or unhappy I am. It was a way of forcefully reminding us how "happy" we should be to have a job. And as someone else stated on this board, we know where having a red shirt got the guys in Star Trek...the ERI numbers were inflated because no one wanted focus groups, and any of the people that truly were opposed to the changes are no longer with the company.
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    oh, ain't that the truth----it goes like this, our CIO is best buds with the PM you are referring to and uses our portfolio as a test bed for new ideas to cut costs/reduce headcount.

    If our PM is successful, you start to see the same crap across other portfolios. If he fails, standing guard by the door and running badge reports for example, that type of crap never goes any further than Ramsey.

    I would imagine we are due for a changing of the guard soon, maybe not at the PM level but perhaps at the AM level.

    And the ERI numbers were fudged, plain and simple.