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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by peacock71, Jun 20, 2003.

  1. peacock71

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    Looks like the FEDEXies will be doing all the hyped up delivery of Pottermania books this weekend. Does UPS even have a role here? Is this a missed opportunity? or.... Are all the books stored in UPS run warehouses, and the residential deliveries being done by the bad guys?

    C'mon UPS...FEDEX keep grabbing the limelight. When are we going to wake up?

    Go UPS!
  2. longups

    longups Guest

    You win some...You lose some.
    UPS will win more then we lose in the long run.
  3. upsdawg

    upsdawg Guest

    UPS will lose some battles, but we will not lose the war!

    I hope that we had an opportunity to move this product-------should all UPS people boycott "Pottermania"??
  4. keibug

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    I work in customer service and the locations that are having midnight book sales are receiving their packages through us today. We tried to get the contract but they wanted free Saturday delivery and we would loose money on the deal so we said no. If fedex wants to give away their shipping more power to them.
  5. clarkie

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    I delivered a case to the local library Thursday. No hype or free advertising with any of these deliveries though...
  6. dammor

    dammor Guest

    When I returned to the center tonight there was a mad rush to unload a trailer full of nothing but Potter and every box was NDA Saturday delivery.
  7. tieguy

    tieguy Guest

    Curious which Amazon DC are you recieving from?
  8. dammor

    dammor Guest

    Can't say for sure tieguy, but I am in Texas and I believe Western Merchandisers stocks all the Hastings stores here.
  9. tomb

    tomb Guest

    We delivered over 100 boxes during the past week. All of it was shipped ground service.

    Tom B
  10. rushfan

    rushfan Guest

    I delivered about 30 cases to a Target store. They weren't direct from the publisher, but from a supplier who received them from the publisher.

    The f-word company is dying for attention.
  11. traveler

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    FedEx may be dying for attention but they sure do know how to play the media. The folks at UPS have yet to figure out how to do that. We have moved high visibility items (zoo critters for example) and have received little press attention. When FedEx does something like that you see it all over CNN, Fox, etc. Someone in public relations needs to take some lessons here. Now that we are a publicly traded company, the hype can be very helpful to the stock price. Years ago we could quietly do our community service and "special" deliveries with little or no fanfare. That should not be the case today. The more people know about the company through the press, the more interest that is generated in the stock. The more interest in the stock, the better the price. I know we will get there sooner or later, I just hope for sooner.
  12. wkmac

    wkmac Guest

    Could it be in this case that they got the exposure and we got the $$$$$$$$$?
  13. traveler

    traveler Guest

    I SURE HOPE SO. Still, a bit of exposure is always helpful in the long run.
  14. rushfan

    rushfan Guest

    I agree with you. I feel that when ever we move something..ie new release, book, or whatever, there should be more exposure. You have some good points
  15. feederdryver

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    I want to remind everyone that in the movie "Castaway", there was the scene where Tom Hanks is talking to the pilots of the FredEx jet, before it crashed. I believe he wanted them to get him somewhere by a certain time, really early in the morning. If my memory serves me right, the pilots laughed and actually told him that he better go get on the UPS plane if he wanted to get there on time.
    I'm not sure if this was a plug for UPS or not, but it sure sounded like it.
    Not bad for a spot in a big FredEx commercial.

    Go Brown !
  16. mountaingoat

    mountaingoat Guest

    I remember the scene well. I took a lot of teasing as a UPS Manager from others when Cast Away was released. My retort and defense was and will always remain that scene.

    Interesting thing, though, and this may be rumor, but I heard that UPS turned down Cast Away because we didn't want the negative impression of a UPS going down. UPS has never had a plane crash whereas FedEx had.
  17. peacock71

    peacock71 Guest

    That was because we couldn't figure out how to cover up the logo on the 767 after the crash. Actually, my info is that UPS, in its usual risk adverse stance, was very worried about the portrayal of a UPS Aircraft going down....

    Go UPS!
  18. traveler

    traveler Guest

    I was told by a FedEx employee that the board of directors of FedEx was very much against the idea of the movie with their plane going down. Fred S was the impetus behind the agreement and, as you know, that movie was made. Rumor? who knows?