Has anyone left UPS? (non-retired)

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  1. Has anyone left UPS for another company (not necessarily a competitor)? I have close to 10 years in and have never really worked anywhere else, but am itching to look elsewhere. I don't think the technical employees get compensated for the value and cost savings we bring to UPS, not to mention the customers we work with to make UPS technology a part of their lives. Also, I wonder how many years the pension plan is going to be around. Seems like more and more companies are cutting the plans and going towards 401K only.

    My basic questions are, have you left UPS for another company? do you regret it? is the grass greener on the other side or is it BROWN there too? How are other companies to work for compared to UPS?
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    I have talked with a guy on my route that worked for UPS in NJ. He said he quit and has also worked at Fedx and that its much better, but that is just one persons opinion. I think things are different for everyone.
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    There are many people here that have left ups, back in the 80's we had over 20 drivers leave in about one year, most went to FEDEX. Several have done very well there, one was even on several of their commercials. Only one said he regretted working for fedex and went into painting houses.

    We had a customer account rep that went to Coke. He says he loves it, my sup said he heard him say he wishes he was back at UPS.

    Most of the people that leave ups are ready, or have had enough. So to them, the world out there is better than they have now.

    UPS is not the only company to hire people with talent, if you have a talent, get the most for the talent you have. And if it is at UPS, fine, if not move on.

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    left 18 months ago after 16 years. I'm happier, family is happier now that I constantly don't b*tch about work. UPS makes u think that they are the only thing going, they are wrong. Mgmt is severely underpaid for what they do and the treatment is horrible compared to the non-UPS world. If u are fed up, my advice is to leave, u will not regret it
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    Copy that had enough. I left UPS as well after I had gotten fed up with all the garbage. Found another job and haven't regretted it for a second. New job pays about the same with fewer hours and my family loves it because I am home more and able to participate in family activities with them. And I am not continously stressing about work.
  6. I left after 5 years in Sept. My new company treats me like a professional and I love it!!!! I wish I would have left earlier. I am making $10k more per year, which dosn't hurt either. UPS gave me some good experience, but it was not a 'career place' for me.

    It was nice to have a Christmas too.
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    Lots of people leave UPS. I was always surprised to hear of it. But now that I'm gone too, I see why. UPS is an insane asylum. The benefits were great, but the stress level was too high.

    I now study and work part-time.
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    Looks like you may not have a choice to leave or not. :sad:
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    i left after 20 years 10 in pkg and 10 in feeder. i also moved from north illinois to southwest fla. i has made a huge difference. i have a life. i see my wife and kids and am not an :censored2: when im home. the 10 yrs in feeder was all nights and it sucked big time. i quit mainly for health and to save my family. i was able to freeze my pension and will get 100 bucks amonth for each year of service when i turn 62.
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    I worked as an IT professional at UPS for about 5 years before I had enough and moved on. Its the best career decision I ever made while at UPS. The pay is better, the hours are better, the management is better, the benefits are better, the technology is....you get the idea. A buddy of mine left at the same time, ended up at the same company. We still get together with the old crew for lunch some times. The drive back to work is always the same "Whew! Glad we don't work there anymore!"
  11. I left UPS back in Oct of 04. I thought I'd be there for life, part-timer for 2 years after the Air Force, 11 year driver, and management for almost 3 years. The time was right a mid-career disicion either go then or stick it out for another 15 years. I always wondere if there was life after UPS. I can honestly say there is. My philosophy on careers and jobs was when I started as a teanager was looking at those that have been in those positions for years and wondering if I wanted to be in their position when I was there age. When I was in the Air Force I thought of that question if I wanted to be like this person when I was to retire, I thought no I could do better and went to college and earned a English degree and went on to get a Master in Business Admin. Continued with UPS as a driver and got bored and looked to Mgtmnt for a challenge again the question came up was I willing to be like the person that I admired when they were to retire? As a Sup they have control over you and was on and off assignment for a year and half living out of a hotel traveling home after work on Fridays from Sacramento, CA back to Reno,NV. I had enough of that and a fulltime Commander position in the Air National Guard unit that I am assigned to. I took it. I still have fond memories of my time with UPS, but not sure if they are genuine or the feeling that you get when you try to think positive about someone you didn't necessarily like after they die. It was a memorable time and I still have my momentos from the time. If you are considering it I would say go for it as you can adjust and move on. Good Luck.
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    I left UPS a year ago after 15 years. Best thing I ever did. I swear to God that the epic depression I was suffering from being literally demoralized day and day out cleared up immediately. My family life is a lot better as is my blood pressure. I have a pretty tough boss now and some of my co workers here are kind of funny. They have never worked in an environment like UPS say they have little fragile shells. This guy isn’t 25% of some of the average corp a-holes that roam around UPS. Life is good, real good. I just slap myself for not doing it earlier.

    I can honestly say that my 15 years at UPS has tainted me, I don’t think I am the person that I should be. UPS grinds you down so hard and you just don’t realize it.

    Since I have left, its almost like I have started a new life... and yes I am serious. UPS was that bad... and I think I had it easy compared to a lot of people.

    I had talked with a lot of old time management guys before I left. Many of them were bold enough to make these same comments but they were stuck and had to finish their time.

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    According to Business Week UPS is the marine corps of corporate America. You are in the harshest business environment possible.

    As for the pension, it will be discontinued IMHO because Eskew is on the IBM Board of Directors that voted to dicontinue IBM's pension.

    The days of getting rich on UPS stock have gone. I'd say, if you are not happy, leave. If you are happy, stay.
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    I left after 25 yrs, 21 in mgmt, five years from technical retirement as it stands today. Why? I was worn out and getting more frustrated and angry every day. This is not the company I started with and I was afraid to stick around for more changes that are not to my benefit. I have paid for benefits that were free when I started and still are to drivers. Company used to care enough to send mgmt for a physical each year knowing most of us are too busy to schedule it on our own and even did it on company time. That all changed with the new health plans and no one in the company cares if you go anymore, at all. Was in B/D and on sales compensation and hated it, nothing voluntary about it. Closed major sales and won business from the competition but did not realize any major income results because of still being below the predetermined plans for the area. That's an incentive? When an incentive was paid it did not affect the MIP at year's end. It is based on base salary alone, incentive? Why is it because newer mgmt personnel are selling their stock right away do I have to prove my loyalty to the company after 25 years and have to wait 5 more years for all my stock now, and lose the growth along the way as well? By the way, what growth, anyway. Growth has been very slow and much below what we were used to before going public. OK, the stock split and doubled in 99 but hasn't moved a lot since, that was seven years ago. And last but not least the job satisfaction was not there anymore. Appreciation has never been heaped on the mgmt team in sufficient doses. The drivers were welcomed back with open arms after the strike to help rebuild, but we were never really thanked or appreciated for crossing the lines each day to try to save business and their jobs that they walked out on. They are very important to the company and our success, but they walked out, we didn't. Who says retirement and pensions are not going to change, either. As we have become more like everyone else I would also bet those will change in short order as well. It was time to go and I don't regret it for a minute. The future is not the same as it was years ago. I have found employment in another field from transportation and am very satisfied, making more money than at UPS and enjoying my family, friends and liesure time much more than ever before. You have to look out for your own self and satisfaction. It is scary making a move and it must be well thought out by you and accepted by you as well, because there is no turning back. But everyone's circumstances are different and you'll have to evaluate your own situation on its own merits. Good luck!!
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    I knew a few UPS developers in our area that belonged to a club called the "UPS million dollar club". Back when we were moving to web apps and computerization, these guys created apps that were rolled out corp wide to customers and such and earned the company millions and millions of dollars. Their rewards were their monthly pay check and 2% raises a year. They have all left the company.

    I'll note this. I've been at my new company for a year now, I got my first raise. It was more in 1 year then the past 5 years at UPS. Consider that my last years raise was 1.8% at UPS. That basically meant that I paid the company that year to work for them considering inflation was at about 3%.
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    I am currently back in school and hope to be OUT in 3 yrs.
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    Copy that had enough. I also left UPS as well after I had gotten fed up with all the garbage, with 16 years. Life is great, I owned my own business for 6 years worked in warehousing for several and retired. I draw my retirement and collect my dividends, life is good.
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    I'm in the process of leaving UPS after 10 years, 8 years as a PT Sup. After being fu?$ed out of going on the road for no good reason what so ever I re-worked my resume and found a FT Sup job at an LTL company. I was so happy and delighted to finally be freed from the insane cut-throat intensity of the HUB and move-on to something different, but as the two weeks flew by and the last day came at last everything inside me just turned inside-out. It is hard to describe the feeling! Even though I'm about to start something better, or financially more rewarding, there is this feeling of guilt or in a way failure of becoming a UPS success story. The UPS Sup school inspired the living day lights out of me! When I became a part of UPS management team I could run head-first through a wall and did time and time again, area after area! But after 10 years of busting ass for brown the promise of a rewarding future thinned down to nothing but a gruesome reminder of pride I once held in saying "I work for UPS"! Even though UPS management experience puts your resume atop of any transportation companies recruitment rooster (if you happened to be on the "I hate every supervisor I've ever met at UPS" side of things - sorry it's a well known fact) the feeling of defeat is overwhelming. Perhaps it is better being Gen. Lee rather then Gen. Custer, but what gives?
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    I left UPS after 8 years, the last few as a Manager. Now I work primarily with other former UPSers as an investment advisor to help them realize a better life after UPS. I have yet to encounter a former UPSer who regretted their decision to leave, although quite a few of my clients are retirees who did not make that decision (and some wish they would have). Likewise, I do not regret the decision, but I am working in a profession that I love and for which I have a passion. I could echo the other sentiments expressed here...(1) the family is better served, (2) my mental, spiritual, & physical health is better served, and (3) my pocket is better served.

    If you're asking the question, you probably already know the answer. Stop looking for affirmation and find something (but don't leave until you do).
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    May I ask who you jumped ship to ?:)